Friday, June 26, 2009

Do You Feel the Beat?

It's been a WHILE - for sure.

My arm - still a mess. It hurt to put on my bathing suit today. But that's a whole different story.

Today, I am moved to talk about MJ - yep, that's right, Michael Jackson.

His titles range from iconic to demonic. King of Pop vs. King of Pedophile.

My husband, my Pumpkin, the love of my life, is in mourning.

His Elvis has died.

Yes - his ELVIS.

My love is a break dancing PHENOM.

Last week, while we were in Florida for the middle chicklet's baseball tournament, my Pumpkin did the WORM across the beach road.


Michael Jackson is an ICON.

His music, his talent, has formed a generation and defined our culture.

Michael Jackson paved the way for Easy E, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown...the list could go on and on.

He has musical talents that surpass any our generation could ever imagine.

His choreography for videos is Broadway quality -no question.

Watch Smooth Criminal.

Did MJ do terrible, horrendous things to children.


But I REALLYthink not.

I PRAY not.

Did the parents of said children put them in a TERRIBLE position?


Would you EVER, EVER send your child to someone's home who had an amusement park in their backyard, and who has been under suspicion of child molestion?


Someone PLEASE show me where the parents of these children have been prosecuted?

They haven't.

Do I believe Michael Jackson is an innocent "misunderstood" celebrity?

By no means.

I truly believe Michael Jackson had a severe mental illnesss.

He needed help a long time ago.

Do I think he was pedophile....


I really don't.

He was never convicted.


Yes, he paid a LOT of money to negate the publicity and perhaps the charges.

Again, I think we are talking about money hungry parents who put their children in a precarious position.

If you want to challenge my philosophy, the floor is open.

But please have a basis for your opinion.

HERE is MY opinion.

Michael Jackson reached a breaking point in his childhood abuse.

I AM A SURVIVOR of abuse.

I had blood running down my legs more times than I care to count.

But I survived.

He didn't.

He broke.

Is that weak? Is that wrong?


It just happenened.

He was stuck in childhood.


How else to you justify being photographed as an ADULT with toy trains in his hands?

How else do you justify being surrounded by children...AT ALL TIMES?

Did it allow for him to be molest children?


And if that happened, he WILL account for it. I completely believe that.

In the meantime, my faith is persuading me to believe that MJ's mental illness trapped a man in a child's body.


I will remember him as the man who changed pop culture.

I will remember him as the man who is the Elvis of my generation.

I will remember him as the man who created videos that would rival any Broadway production to date.

I will remember him as the man who defined GENERATIONS.

May you rest in the peace you never had on Earth.