Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love me some Rosemary

Rosemary BEACH, that is! Home to the yearly tennis extravaganza!

Each year a large group of my wonderful group of girl friends trudge through the mundane, brutal winter, longingly waiting for the 5 exquisite days we leave our families to go and play tennis (drink), play more tennis (drink) and play MORE tennis (DRINK!) The first year we came - they ran out of beer!! Can you believe it?! However, since then, the pros at the Rosemary Beach Racquet Club have learned (the hard way) that when it comes to beer consuption, we are a force to be reckoned with!

We are in day two and are having a blast. Before we left, we called the weather goddess and told her she need not have a tizzy like she did last year and give us rain. We expected 70 degree weather or we'd have to go postal on her!!! Evidently, the thought of that was more than her little heart could bear and 70 degree weather it WAS!!!!

Here's a quick little pic of me & 'Pologetic Panther at dinner tonight. Certainly not the best in the world from my camera phone, but it'll do!

MANY more pics to come. I just don't want y'all to get TOO excited!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tip for Tuesday

Do not use your teeth to try and open the crazy glue tube.

There could be a miniscule hole SOMEWHERE on the tube which could result in crazy glue being shot over your tongue and the back of your teeth.

Do not use a paper towel to frantically try and wipe it off before it dries.

Resist the urge to get a knife - even if you think it's dull - to try and scrape the glue and paper towel off.

The dried glue residue mixed with the cut on your tongue probably is not pleasant.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Just for Giggles

Last night the Atlanta Auburn Club had a scholarship event at Just for Giggles. It's a local gallery where an artist leads you step by step in making your VERY OWN masterpiece. The original plan was for Kaley to do the painting. Once we got there, we figured it was a little advanced for her.

SO - we modified! :)

I'm fairly creative. EXCEPT when it comes to drawing/painting. My stick figures leave much to be desired. That is, until last night!

Megan, the owner and painter/teacher extraordinaire, walked us through outlining the canvas for our painting.

Baby chicklet was on the easel for a short period of time. But Aubie was too hard for her.

She moved to the floor so she would stop smearing paint on the poor lady beside us her creativity could be unobstructed.

And we all know she is NEVER too busy to stop and pose.

Soon her masterpiece was complete.

We present you with:



Aubie after he's been run over by a car

(So named by Kaley's loving and supportive Daddy.)

At the end of the evening, this Georgia girl needed a whopping dose of red and black because I was surrounded by AUBIES!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Visit Call Me Cate for more Six Word Saturday.

My Heart is Broken

At Drunco, I mean Bunco, Thursday, one our bunco gals looked up at those of us at the table and said, "I'm dying."

Let's give a little background.

She had cancer several years ago and had heavy duty chemo/radiation. She was cancer free and then started having problems with her heart. Now, due to the chemo/radiation, she has congestive heart failure.

She went to the doctor last week and they told her the cancer is back - everywhere. And they can't do any treatments because of her heart.

She's dying.

She sobbed. We sobbed. I came home and sobbed and cussed (I'm a professional cusser, so I did a fine job). My heart is broken.

She has two boys - 3 & 1/2 - who won't remember her. She said to us, "Will you make sure my boys know I was cool?"

It's not fair.

She's a wonderful mother, a great friend, an Auburn tiger (but I can forgive her for that) and a fabulous wife.

She's dying.

My heart is broken for Leah.

My heart is broken for sweet Abby Riggs and the pain she deals with daily because of the chemo she has to endure.

My heart is broken for Lisa who is going through HELL when all she wanted was to adopt a baby.

My heart is broken for Cynthiaa who lost her sweet Bug.

My heart is broken for adorable Cody and his family who are now trying to make a lifetime of memories in the short time he has left.

My heart is broken for precious Tuesday and Cora Paige who are now angels.

The list could go on.

But I have faith and know that no matter how bad things are and how much we DON'T understand, there IS a bigger plan. That is what gives me the strength to continue praying for those I've mentioned and all the other stories.

So - my Saturday blogs are going to be a tribute to Leah and to anyone YOU want to remember, pay tribute to, talk about, introduce us to, whatever. Therapy of sorts.

This, my bloggy friends, is Leah in a pic from Halloween bunco. Leah was Sarah Palin and had the full ensemble of props - her campaign sign, her baby and a gun for the NRA.

Now it's your turn. Introduce us to anyone YOU want us to meet. Just leave the link to your post in Mr. Linky.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Giveaway - DUH!!!!

Y'all have to forgive me and my senility these days. Seems like I forgot to give the deadline for the Eden Fantasy's contest!!! The contest will run for 10 days so will end at midnight 2/24.

There's LOTS of goodies to go check out - sensual gifts like scented lotions, oils and candles in addition to lingerie, games, and, of course, and any enhancer or adult toy you could imagine!

Hope on over there and take a look!

Click HERE to get the full details and contest entry rules!

To double your chances, go to Brandy's blog for ANOTHER Eden Fantasy's giveaway!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Baby Chicklet


Kaley - "I'm Daddy. Go to your room until you stop crying!!"

Background - Something falls - loudly

Kaley - Dang flabit. Can I get a little help here??

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I’m so completely excited about this giveaway! Let’s give a little background. I’m not a prude. By any means. So when SITS posted their awesome giveaway for discreet and FUN adult toys from Eden Fantasys, I was quick to leave a comment. Hello?!? PICK ME!!!

Apparently, my comment was a big hit! I was contacted and asked if I wanted to do a giveaway. Well YEAH!! Of course I do!!

Here it is, gals.

Number 1 – Shunga exotic massage oil ($14.99)

Number 2 - $50 Eden Fantasys gift certificate

$64.99 VALUE!!!!

I wanted to wait until the day after Valentines just in case your sweet Valentine didn’t get you EXACTLY (a lovely sensual gift) what you wanted. I also wanted to do a gift certificate so YOU could pick out exactly what YOU want!

Here are the rules, given by me, for me you!

1. Visit Eden Fantasys. For those of you who blog with little ones looking over your shoulder…DON’T click on the link until they are elsewhere unless you want to answer lots of questions!! :)

2. Leave a comment telling me your favorite product.

3. You get a BONUS point if you tell me why you like the product (again, I’m no prude!). By no means is this part necessary – that’s why it says BONUS!!! Now, I’m not trying to discourage readers, but if this isn’t your THANG, perhaps you should skip reading these comments!

4. I won’t make you post about it because that gets annoying, but if you comment and tell me you WOULD post if I made you, I’ll give you credit and another BONUS point!

The winner will be picked by ME and PUMPKIN!

Have FUN!

**UPDATE** - Head over to Brandy's blog for ANOTHER Eden Fantasy's giveaway!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

And if you are as fortunate as me you can:

Leave home at 11:15 for the male chicklet's basketball game.
Leave basketball game to do a drive by the tennis courts & throw Pumpkin & baby chicklet out of the car on the way to baseball.
Leave tennis courts (tire marks probably being left on the road) for baseball scrimmage.
Leave baseball scrimmage to go to high school & pass out t-shirts for seniors for the last home basketball game.
Leave high school to come home & pick up all famly members to go BACK to the high school to watch the eldest chicklet cheer for the last time before she's a senior!!
CRY watching Senior Night knowing NEXT year it will be BRITTNEY! (I'm tearing up all ready!)
Leave high school to come HOME around 10:30 tonight.

Tomorrow - I will have my FIRST giveaway. Let me tell you, I'm PUMPED!! Apparently the comment I left for one of the SITS giveaways was noticed by the company offering the prize. They thought that my Little Ol' Blog would be a great place for another one of their giveaways!

So hold on to your bloomers, girls. This is gonna be GOOD!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bubble Gal

There's something about bubbles that baby chicklet just can't resist. And neither, apparently, can Pumpkin.

I'm in the kitchen and I hear a screeching "MMMOOOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYYYY". I know Pumpkin is with KK, so what would any Mommy do at that point? Ignore and move on.

"MMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY" Still, no danger exists so I continue to ignore.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!" Good gravy, the child has some lungs. I go upstairs, peek around the corner, and find Bubble Mountain. I run downstairs and get the camera. Of course, middle chicklet HAS to know what's going on so he comes with me.

(Don't forget to pause/mute the songs at the bottom of the page!)

Please ignore the "My tummy, my tummy" and "My tummy hurts." cries and don't call DFACS to let them know that we refused to let the child get out of the tub to go POOP until we got video of her in Bubble Mountain.

Also ignore the frantic sounding "Oh my gosh, Scott. Mom or Scott - you gotta". There was an all important video shoot going on. There were no injury time outs available.

This was by no means her first occassion with bubbles in the jacuzzi tub!

She REALLY is in here!

And of course Daddy and Tripp are involved!

Don't you just want to EAT. HER. UP.?!?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tip for Tuesday

1. Always have enough beer on hand if Pumpkin is invited to a party.
2. Always have both kinds of salt (margarita AND beer) on hand if I am invited to a party.
3. Always invite both Pumpkin and I to all parties. We LOVE us some parties!

Easy enough!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome to "Not Me!" Monday. This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head on over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It was NOT me who was running late, and after NOT listening to baby chicklet whine for a cookie, told her to eat the one in her car seat. I also did NOT argue with the sweet princess over the time it was in the car and then lie and tell her it was perfectly fine to eat all the while knowing it had been there two days. AND I did NOT secretly find great humor in the "wool over the eyes" when she announced it was yummy!

In my head I was NOT thinking “here we go again” after the male chicklet

twisted his ankle during his basketball game. I was a caring, patient, doting mother who, while holding an ice pack on his leg, was NOT thinking of the ridiculously LOUD noises he makes while hopping around rather than using crutches. (Can you tell we’ve been here before?!)

I’m NOT at all anal about the picture sizes & spacing in my blog posts. I have NEVER spent one hour revising it. That would just be a little OCD, and I’m gonna leave that to Pumpkin.

After watching our neighbor’s 2 year old, precious little B, scratch her booty and hearing her mommy, extremely sweet, very pregnant, disgustingly beautiful Kate, tell me of poor B's butt issues (itchy, scratchy, eczema looking), I did NOT tell precious little B to pull down her pants so I could see. Since we were sitting outside on the sidewalk, I most certainly did NOT then yell at baby chicklet to come and let ESVPDB Kate see HER butt. We did NOT then stand them side by side in the STREET to compare their little hineys. And by NO means would both children do so without a second thought. These types of thing are totally NOT the norm around here!

I did NOT force persuade KK to wear this adorable outfit

because I had worked COUNTLESS hours on it and wanted to selfishly enjoy the fruits of my labor show everyone how adorable she is. I did NOT tell her the cheerleaders would put her up in a stunt if she wore it so everyone could see her how even her hiney showed school spirit!

And I did NOT tell her that Westie (the mascot) would come and give her a special high five and tell her how her outfit was the cutest outfit EVER and was way better than some bland 'ole cheerleading uniform.

I did NOT hunt down Brittney & Westie

once we finally got there to beg them to be my partners in crime do me a small favor.

I did NOT tell my eldest chicklet if she didn’t put KK up in stunt I would not revise her English paper and make her have to go to the DREADED Dr. Kohn (evil, pure evil)! When she vehemently protested politely declined and said they may not have time, I did NOT tell her she was the captain, to pull rank and MAKE IT HAPPEN. NOR did I hunt down Westie when we got there and BEG to him help a momma out! Bribery and extortion are so NOT my thing!

I have NOT been a busy girl!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

NBA – watch out

‘Cuz here comes Tripp! Now let me tell you about my middle chicklet. He is a GAMER. He hasn’t met a sport he doesn’t excel at. He is a natural athlete and has been since the first time he picked up a ball. He loves basketball and despite the lack of height in his genetics (poor baby) insists he’s going to play in the NBA. If it boils down to sheer will power, he WILL make it.

BUT in order for him to succeed in sports we’ve had to work really hard to get his behavior under control. He has ADHD, but his symptoms are not those you hear about every day. Tripp has always been very quick to anger and boils over with frustration; he’s very emotional and quick to tears. He expects PERFECTION from himself. We, his very loving, ever patient sometimes patient parents, only expect him to do his best. He wants more. He always wants more. One day, this will serve him well. Right now, let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

He’s SO much better now. Medicine, after countless months of experimenting, and maturity (Tripp’s M&Ms) have helped more than I ever thought or hoped.

I’m so very proud of our male chicklet.

Now – on to the game.

While baby chicklet looked on….

Our male chicklet dribbled.

He hustled.

He blocked.

He assisted.

He broke away.

He posed. (Sorry, coach!)

And he had FUN with his team!

He was AWESOME! He scored a 3 pointer!! He had a great game….UNTIL one of the kids on the opposing team thought it was a hockey game and checked him into the score table. He was down for the count. Mama chick was a bit skeered for a minute when I thought he hit his head. No brain injuries, thank goodness, but he twisted his ankle.

Guess who was the lucky one to get to call his travel BASEBALL coach and tell him that Tripp wouldn’t be available for tomorrow’s scrimmage? You’ve got 3 guesses and the first two don’t count! Yepper – ME!! So, I’m praying for healing hands tonight and hoping it will be all better in the morning!

Look at that angel basketball player!

Isn’t he handsome?

Did I already say how proud I am of him???

Six Word Saturday

You have to go pee AGAIN?

Baby chicklet has the smallest bladder on the PLANET, perhaps even the universe. God said let there be a teeny tiny bladder, and there WAS - in KK! In the hour we were at the male chicks basketball game, she had to pee THREE times!!!

We've had her all checked out & she's fine. She just pees A LOT!!! Needless to say, I've missed big plays, important parts of movies and maybe even the second coming because of our numerous visits to the pot-tay!

But, darn, she's SO cute!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Urgent request to pray for Abby Riggs

Hi, everyone. Brent & Michelle Riggs just put out an update about Abby. She is a VERY sick little girl. Please pray HARD for this sweet little girl and that she can get through this extremely rough patch in her treatment.

Brent is the editor for Serious.Life Magazine. In addition to his work there, they have other small children they are having to parent as well. It's a TOUGH road for them!


Movin’ on up

So I’m getting closer to the top in the design queue for my new blog. And, guess what?! I STILL haven’t decided on a design kit! There are so many great designs to chose from!!

If you get a chance, I’d LOVE some input on what you think.

These are the two that I like the most.

Polka Dot Bikini – 3rd from the bottom

Oh Happy Day – about in the middle


On another note, you HAVE to go to Veronica Lee’s blog and check out today’s post. It’s restroom pictures from around the world, and they are hysterical!

TGIF and thanks in advance to all my SITSAs popping by! I’m LOVIN’ the comment LOVE!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Which is ALMOST what I did! However, I was able to get my craziness (attempting to get the pan out of the oven without pot holders) under control and ended up with these lovely heart shaped crayons for Kaley’s Valentine’s Day party at school.

Crayon Heart

Mucho thanks to Janie @Mommy Has a Blog for this great idea!

As you can see, the brilliance of my creative genius copying is so bright, baby chicklet has to squint her eyes!

Kaley Crayon 2

Kaley Messy

NOOOOO, we were not experimenting with body art. KK had just finished painting this little gem I found at Michaels for ONLY $2.99! What a bargain!!

ABC Puzzle

ANOTHER Award...I couldn't...

Oh yes I can!!!
Man, I am diggin' all the blogger love these days! Given from Life in the Carpool Lane to Life in the Fast Lane! In a couple of weeks, I'll have a new blog design (although I'm a bit partial to the kisses). I'm thinking I may need her to design a trophy/award case!

Thank you, Carey for this award! I'm PUMPED!

Drum roll, please....and here is the award description!

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find friends and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly- written text into the body of their award."

The love flows for:

1. Grand Pooba - she CRACKS me up!
2. Melissa - our lives are EERILY similar!
3. Laura - newbie to bloggie world!
4. Allyson - with newborn twins, she needs us to help her stay sane!
5. Veronica Lee - presented my blog with its FIRST award!
6. Kate - I'm determined to get her blogging again! Come on, Kate! Do it for Olivia!
7. & 8. Jeannie & Suzanne - shout out to my other Georgia bloggers!

Thank you again, Carey; you are the BOMB-DIGGITY!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life is Grand Award


Thanks to my bloggy friend, Veronica Lee, I have the Life is Grand Award!

Per the rules, I have to list 5 reasons why Life is Grand and pass this on to 5 friends.

1. Overall, my family is HEALTHY! Knowing the stories of many other of my blog friends, health is the biggest blessing of all!

2. I am crazy in love with my Pumpkin, who I happened to think is the best hubby around!

3. I am surrounded by wonderful friends.

4. My children are happy and don't want for anything.

5. Although times are tough right now, we live in a fabulous country where we have the freedom to be what we want to be, say what we want to say and live how we choose.

Now, time to share the love!

1. Janie -

2. Suzanne -

3. April -

4. Carey -

5. R Susanna -

Have fun!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kickin' Myself

DUH! I didn't take ANY pictures from our Super Bowl "gathering"!! I can't believe it! I'm a picture taking fool and missed a great opportunity for pics of our friends. MAN!

There was a role reversal of sorts last night. For the most part the WOMEN were in the living room on the sofas in front of the tv while the MEN huddled around the counter in the kitchen! It was too funny. Although I will say the men were likely giving up the couch seats for the preggers in the group! Such gentlemen!

Two of the families have kids Kaley's age - Claire is 2 weeks older than baby chicklet & Mia is two weeks younger. Those girls PLAYED, PLAYED, PLAYED!! And since baby chicklet likes nothing better than having friends over, she was in hog heaven!

Great food, great company, great game, great commercials!

Since there is something wrong with my chemical makeup, and I enjoy seeing people do stupid things, I loved the Doritos commercial where everything goes right while he's eating and then when he's finished, he gets hit by the bus. Cracked me up!! See - told you there was something wrong with me! :) Anybody else have a favorite?

Serious.Life Magazine

I wanted you to know about this publication I’m a part of called Serious.Life Magazine. They just published the February issue today, and I am in their Featured Blog Directory. It’s a great magazine that I'm sure you'll really enjoy. This month's feature article is about a group of Sig Eps from Oklahoma University, and their calling to service and volunteer.

The magazine includes a lot of great content from bloggers you’ll appreciate, as well as great features, photos and other content. The magazine is owned and published by a family who have seven kids, three adopted and one, Abby, who has Leukemia ( The magazine gives away a bunch of ads to charities and ministries. Besides great articles on interesting people, there is a lot about family, adoption, personal finance, spiritual life, humor… all sorts of “life” topics.

The subscription is FREE, and I know you’ll enjoy the magazine, so take a minute to check it out and sign up to get future issues.

Serious.Life Magazine