Monday, November 2, 2009



Seriously. Really. HATE MY COMPUTER!!!!

It has taken me two hours to download pics and video. ARGH! I'm so frustrated!!

Wanna know why I don't regularly upload pics...COMPUTER!!!

Enough of the rant.

Deep breath....


Pumpkin and I taught Baby Chicklet to ride her bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS! So fun!

And the first "war wound"

Ummm...Yeah...OF COURSE she had to pose!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exciting day!!


Aidan Stivendar Courtney is here!!

8 lbs 8 oz!!!

Welcome to the world, sweet boy!


I'm SO excited for my friends, Shauna and Larry, who are being induced today for their FIRST baby!!!

They waited a while and struggled to have sweet Aidan!

They are going to be PHENOMENAL parents.

Good luck, and we can't wait to meet him!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some like it HOT!

Pure Romance - my new career!!

And I am SOOO excited!!

I have a teaching degree. Taught middle school for 9 1/2 years! I stopped when Baby Chicklet arrived. She's about to start pre-K - perfect time for me to go back to work, but with our lovely ecomony, NO teaching jobs! Never in a million years would I have thought teachers would ever be losing jobs. It is incredibly sad. Yes, let's cut back on education and sacrifice our future. But THAT is ANOTHER topic!

On to Pure Romance!!!

A couple of months ago, some friends and I decided to do a surprise birthday party for a friend. We chose to do a Pure Romance party. We all had SO MUCH FUN!!

And, oh yeah - RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!

For those of you who don't know me in real life, I'm crazy.

There's NOTHIN' I'm leery of talking about!


Here I am!!

Pure Romance consultant!!!

WOOT!!! WOOT!!!!

Check out the website! There are ALL kinds of things - from massage, to bath, to toys, to lingerie, to WHATEVAH!!!

Orders on the website are COMPLETELY private!! I don't see names - ANYTHING!! I just see there was a purchase and my commission.

So, go check it out!

And have FUN! :)

If you are in the Altanta area and want to book a party, please email me at

Friday, June 26, 2009

Do You Feel the Beat?

It's been a WHILE - for sure.

My arm - still a mess. It hurt to put on my bathing suit today. But that's a whole different story.

Today, I am moved to talk about MJ - yep, that's right, Michael Jackson.

His titles range from iconic to demonic. King of Pop vs. King of Pedophile.

My husband, my Pumpkin, the love of my life, is in mourning.

His Elvis has died.

Yes - his ELVIS.

My love is a break dancing PHENOM.

Last week, while we were in Florida for the middle chicklet's baseball tournament, my Pumpkin did the WORM across the beach road.


Michael Jackson is an ICON.

His music, his talent, has formed a generation and defined our culture.

Michael Jackson paved the way for Easy E, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown...the list could go on and on.

He has musical talents that surpass any our generation could ever imagine.

His choreography for videos is Broadway quality -no question.

Watch Smooth Criminal.

Did MJ do terrible, horrendous things to children.


But I REALLYthink not.

I PRAY not.

Did the parents of said children put them in a TERRIBLE position?


Would you EVER, EVER send your child to someone's home who had an amusement park in their backyard, and who has been under suspicion of child molestion?


Someone PLEASE show me where the parents of these children have been prosecuted?

They haven't.

Do I believe Michael Jackson is an innocent "misunderstood" celebrity?

By no means.

I truly believe Michael Jackson had a severe mental illnesss.

He needed help a long time ago.

Do I think he was pedophile....


I really don't.

He was never convicted.


Yes, he paid a LOT of money to negate the publicity and perhaps the charges.

Again, I think we are talking about money hungry parents who put their children in a precarious position.

If you want to challenge my philosophy, the floor is open.

But please have a basis for your opinion.

HERE is MY opinion.

Michael Jackson reached a breaking point in his childhood abuse.

I AM A SURVIVOR of abuse.

I had blood running down my legs more times than I care to count.

But I survived.

He didn't.

He broke.

Is that weak? Is that wrong?


It just happenened.

He was stuck in childhood.


How else to you justify being photographed as an ADULT with toy trains in his hands?

How else do you justify being surrounded by children...AT ALL TIMES?

Did it allow for him to be molest children?


And if that happened, he WILL account for it. I completely believe that.

In the meantime, my faith is persuading me to believe that MJ's mental illness trapped a man in a child's body.


I will remember him as the man who changed pop culture.

I will remember him as the man who is the Elvis of my generation.

I will remember him as the man who created videos that would rival any Broadway production to date.

I will remember him as the man who defined GENERATIONS.

May you rest in the peace you never had on Earth.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Six Word Saturday

I'm posting! Can you believe it?!

Head over to my incredibly wonderfuly, but terribly neglected friend Cate for more Six Word Saturday!

I'm ALIVE!!! Arm still not good, but I'm ALIVE!!!

This arm thing SUCKS!

I just finished week one of four weeks of physical therapy.

And I HATE not blogging, but the continuous typing sends little darts of pain straight to my elbow. The tendon in my elbow that is inflammed goes down the forearmand attaches to the fingers. ARGH!

About a week and a half a go I had a cortisone shot in my elbow.

But - it gave me a great story - 'specially since I can laugh at myself - and share my idiocy with the entire blogosphere!

Let me preface the story by telling you Baby Chicklet sleeps with us - crucial information!

(Yes, she's four. Don't get me started.)

For a day and a half AFTER the cortisone shot, I was in EXCRUTIATING pain. I couldn't bend my wrist or pain would shoot up my arm, and I seriously would moan, yell, cry. Not pretty.

I called the ortho doc and told him I thought he did something wrong. Seriously.

He said although my reaction to the shot was not typical, it was not abnormal.

WHAT?!? I was already counting my malpractic millions in my head.

He called me in some pain meds and said to call the next day if it wasn't any better.

After sleeping MAYBE an hour all night long (and not being able to blog while I was awake - woe is me!) I was on the phone the second they opened. And I was starting to count the malpractice millions again, because there was a MAJOR new problem!

Here's the conversation:

Me: Well, the pain is no better, and I'm totally freaking out now because I have teeny, tiny GREEN spider vein looking things going down my arm!

Nurse: The way you are reacting to the shot, I hate to tell you, but you are probably going to be in pain until the steroids kick in tomorrow or the next day. But I've never heard of the other problem.

Me - Seriously. I have green spider veins in various spots on my arm. There's a circular spot around the injection area and the veins are in sporadic places down my forearm.

Nurse: I'm going to have to talk to the doctor and get back with you. This is totally new to me. Can you look very close at them and see if you can describe them a little more?

Me: (Arm up in my face, moving my finger over the green areas) Ummmm.....never mind.

Nurse: Excuse me?

Me: Never mind. I think I need to take a shower.

Nurse: Huh?

Me: Ummm....It's coming off. I think my little one drooled her green ring pop on my arm during the night.

Damn - there goes the malpractice millions once again!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

I LOVE tennis.

I HATE what it does to my not-so-youthful body.

Tennis in Georgia is ALTA. ALTA is practically a religion.

Our team needed 5 points on Sunday to have a shot at playoffs.

And guess what - we are playoff bound!

But - this old broad is injured.

I did something to my right forearm. It hurts to grasp, lift and TYPE!

OH YEAH - it hurts to type!!! Which puts a SERIOUS hurtin' on my blogging abilities.

So - I'm going to the orthopaedist this afternoon and hoping a cortisone shot will do the trick!

'Cause there is tennis to be played and championships to be won!

AND commenting to do!

Cross your fingers for me and forgive me for not coming by!

As soon as my typing fingers are pain free, I'll be BACK!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Six Word Saturday

"What is God's cell phone number?

No lie.

Straight out of the mouth of Baby Chicket.

Daddy - "It's unlisted."

Me - LMAO!!!!!!!

Go visit Cate at Show My Face for MORE Six Word Saturday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And guess what ELSE is today?

Today is my PUMPKIN's Birthday!

That's right!

My heart, my love, my soulmate.

And WONDERFUL father to our chicklets!

Happy Birthday, my love!

Our little part

April 22 - Earth Day

How have we gone GREEN?

We've put in the squiggly bulbs.

We recycle, and I've been know to dig through the trash to move things over to the recycling can!

I have "makeshift" rain barrels. (They work for me!)

I have cloth bags for groceries.
My BIGGEST contribution to going green is the creation of....

Cloth Snack Bags!

Don't tease and mock the sewing, people!

I went out and bought a sewing machine and taught MYSELF to sew and make these little lovelies!!

Since then, thank goodess, my sewing has DRAMATICALLY improved, and now I'm able to make things like THESE!

But back to the cloth snack bags.

Rather than using and throwing away countless ziplock bags that take up SO much space in landfills, my kids use their cloth snack bags.

They picked fabric for the outside. I put a vinyl type fabric on the inside and attached velcro.

We rinse them out or even throw them in the washing machine. (Which apparently is what the pink and purple striped one DESPERATELY needs!)

And VOILA, just like that, reduce our carbon footprint!

For other great ideas on going green and helping our environment, visit Cate at Show My Face!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tip for Tuesday


'Cause you could be a big WINNER like me!

And TWO of my FOUR (yep, you read it right!!) prizes have been received!

Can you guess who THIS one is from??

If you guessed the FABULOUS Ryan Ashley Scott, you are correct-a-mundo!

Did the feathers give it away? :)

I wish I could rock the feathers like she does!

This fantastic array of goodies was a celebration of her 100th post at Optimistic Cynicism.

My piggies needed SERIOUS help, and this wonderful prize was the perfect knight in shining armour!!!!


Next up on the wheel of prizes.....

My laptop bag from Miss Gina's Designs!

Isn't it GEORGEOUS?!!

I won it in a SITS Saturday Spotlight!

Gina was fantastic! I was able to pick out my own fabric and style, sent her my laptop measurments, and I had it in LESS than a week!!

AND she embroidered it!! FREE!!!

Go check her out! I'm amazed at all the things she creates!!


The best part...I still have TWO prizes a-comin'!!

Are you still here?!?! Go enter giveaways!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crawfish Boil 2009

I am BACK to Blog World!

Our 7th annual Crawfish Boil was Saturday and was a HUGE success!!

Here is the blog I'm working on for the crawfish boil. (Yep, a blog 'cause Blogger is FREE!)

Feel free to hop over and check out the craziness.

*WARNING* - If you are not a proponent of blow up doll abuse, you should pass on looking!!

For the FIRST time, Pumpkin's cousins, April & Nancy, came over for the big shin-dig!

Baby Chicklet was thrilled April let her hubby, Matt, tag along! After he let her paint his nails and do his hair and makeup at Christmas, he's one of her FAVORITE people!

(Can you tell why?)

For the FIRST time, we used in house entertainment. I must say - she rocked it!

Our Eldest Chicklet was a huge help! She sold raffle tickets, helped with Baby Chicklet and drove guests on beer runs!

Yes. I let my 16 year old take people on beer runs.

We don't call our children the Petite YaYas for nothin'!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Baby Chicklet

Miley Cyrus is performing on American Idol tonight.

Baby Chicklet - OMG - HUGE Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana fan.

Huge. Crazy. Huge.

Us - Miley Cyrus is on TV.

BC - (Screeching) PAUSE IT!!! PAUSE IT!!! PAUSE IT!!!

Us - Why?

BC - Duh. I gotta get my microphone.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pardon Me

Please pardon my absence this week.

THIS Saturday, we are hosting our 7th annual Crawfish Boil for OVER 150 people.

Singing: Pete Whitfield - the lead singer from the most popular bar band around.



Yes, you heard me, Elvis.

Don't. Be. Jealous.

This here is a shindig of mammoth proportions.

Needless to say, I'm a wee bit busy from now until Sunday.

Please, please forgive me for not commenting and visiting as I should.

I'm just trying to keep my head above the mudbugs (That's slang for crawfish if you're not from around here!)

Just so you know where I'll be....

Eatin' some grub.

Chillin' with my girls.

Rollin' with laughter.

Feelin' the jam.

Gettin' freaky with it.

Throwin' some 'shoes.

Drinkin' some beer.

Shakin' my tail feathers.

Oh - and did I mention it's for charity!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter Sunday!

Here - tennis, The Masters and MORE egg hunting!

Here comes the chicklets for their first look at the Easter Bunny LOOT!

You can't hear the "incident" but about halfway through the video, Baby Chicklet poots. BUT -all of us, except Pumpkin, could hear it - thus the hysterical laughter!

The Easter Bunny was very busy!

Not only did he leave out all the baskets, but he HID eggs!

And it appears he left behind some fur!

All of the chicklets are hardly ever in ONE place for a pic so I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

So, after a LOT of retakes...

And an Easter miracle! (The Eldest Chicklet let me take pictures WITHOUT her wearing makeup!!!)

Our three Chicklets!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Visit Cate and check out MORE Six Word Saturday !!

"I'm old. Six Flags hurt me."

I took Baby Chicklet, Middle Chicklet and one of his friends to Six Flags on Thursday.

Nine hours of "fun."

The kiddie rides made me want to hurl. Seriously.

Now - raging sinus infection.

Either Six Flags has cooties or walking through gigantic clouds of pollen for 9 hours did me in.

I'm leaning towards the cooties.

BUT - despite my whining and complaining, fun was had by all.

The evidence is in THESE crappy quality photos taken with my Blackberry since my small camera was camera-jacked by the Eldest Chicklet.

Driving the big rig. Oh yeah. Big wheels keep on turnin'...

Chillin' on the tree house ride - checking to see how far they will

And how she spent most of the day - hands in the air!! She ain't afraid of no rides!