Friday, April 29, 2011


The death toll from the tornadoes in the south is over 300.

Neighborhoods are destroyed.

Homes are GONE.

Help is desperately needed in these areas.

EVERYONE can help - regardless of whether you don't have extra money to donate, or you don't live close to physically help.

Donate blood.

It's desperately needed and a FREE gift that can save lives!

Visit The Red Cross to find a donation center close to you!

I'm going tomorrow!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today has been a horrific day in Alabama and Georgia weather wise.

There have been more tornadoes touch down today than have EVER touched down in one day.

The death toll is already close to 100 and will probably be higher.

A MILE wide tornado went through Tuscaloosa, Alabama where the University of Alabama is located, but MISSED the campus.


And something to be incredibly thankful for on this devastating day.

We are still waiting on the storms to get to us in our part of Georgia.

Everyone stay safe.

Hugs and prayers!