Thursday, January 31, 2013

RAOK 365 - Month 1

Hi, Friends!
It has definitely been a WHILE!
Life happens.
In the meantime. we had a family friend who for his 40th birthday wanted to do 40 Random Acts of Kindness.
It moved me and made ME want to be a better person.
So...the beginning of RAOK 365.
A Random Act of Kindness for each day of the year.
It will be challenging and likely somewhat repetitive.'s important.
Drum Roll Please....
RAOK Month 1
***Days in orange related to money.  Those in black were free.  :)
Day 1 - I wrote a note to the pharmacist who filled my prescription and thanked her for working on New Year's Day so others could feel better and told her that I truly appreciated her. :)
Day 2 - We put a note of thanks for the mailman in our mailbox along with some candy bars. :)
Day 3 - I sent a virtual bouquet of flowers and a note to a friend telling her how awesome she is and how much I appreciate her. is a great site! A FREE way to show kindness and someone's day!
Day 4 – Left money on the table for a dessert for the next customer.
Day 5 – Put our snowflakes in the mail for Operation Sandy Hook. These snowflakes will decorate the new Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Day 6 - Sent a Barnes and Noble egift card to a certain someone at Kaley's school who ALWAYS has a smile on her face and has such a sweet, positive spirit! She is a great representative of Kelly Milly! Can't put her name on here so it will be a surprise!
Day 7 - Paid for the car behind us at Dairy Queen! Someone got some free ice cream!
Day 8 - Sent a letter of thanks to our troops to say thank you for their service and sacrifice.
Day 9 - Made a donation to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude sends approximately 100,000 care packages each year to deployed troops.
Day 10 - Our neighborhood McDonalds is normally VERY inefficient. Today it was the the opposite. The girl who took our order was very pleasant and patient. The line moved quickly, and we were out within 2 minutes. I asked to speak to the manager and praised the girl taking the orders and the efficiency of today's visit.
Day 11 - Sent 11 emails to parents to tell them how proud I was of their student's progress.
Day 12 - Went to and answered enough questions correctly to donate 1,000 grains of rice.
Day 13 - Made a donation to the Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund (AFCEF). The goal of AFCEF is to be able to financially assist the educational needs of the surviving children of the U.S. Military men and women who lost their lives on or after October 7, 2001, the commencement of Afghanistan operations, as part of the global war on terrorism defined as "Operation Enduring Freedom.”
Day 14 - Gave our waitress tonight a VERY generous tip.
Day 15 – Left some change taped on the vending machine for the next person.
Day 16 – As part of my commitment to a Random Act of Kindness each day this year, I have created a Click for Kids page. This page is a fundraiser for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. My goal is $500. If EACH of my Facebook friends donated just $2, I would far exceed my goal. PLEASE consider donating whatever you can and perform a random act of kindness of your own. Thank you in advance!!
Day 17 - Read a book online which automatically donates books to children in need.
Day 18 - Left a note for our waitress at lunch telling her I appreciated her humor and the attention she gave to us.

Day 19 - Sent an email to a friend telling her how important she is to me and how thankful I am to have her as a friend.
Day 20 – Read and donated another book via
Day 21 – Donated to Sgt. Christopher’s Surdyk’s wish via
Day 22 - Kaley and I gave some of her toys to the little princess on our street who lost many of hers in a fire.
Day 23 - Paid for all the Philanthropy badges for Kaley's Girl Scout Troop.
Day 24 - A colleague had the joy yesterday of her new husband adopting her 8 year old, and they are now a LEGAL family!! Today I ordered the newest member of the Cantrell family some personalized stickers and bookmarks with her new name. Shipped them as a SURPRISE. Shhhhh....
Day 25 - Made an appreciative comment on a Blogger friend's post.

Day 26 - Signed an online pledge to do my part in recyling.

Day 27 - Dropped several dollars into the Ronald McDonald donation box at McDonalds.

Day 28 - Paid for the car behind us at McDonalds. (Anyone sensing a theme? HA!)
Day 29 - Donated to friends of a friend who are adopting a special needs baby.
Day 30 - Clicked on and helped raise money for Children International - an organization that is helping children and families overcome poverty through child sponsorships.
Day 31 – Left a double sized tip for our server at dinner tonight.
Live a YES life.

Make a difference.


  1. I love this idea and your random acts are awesome!! My goal is to do one a week in February. I didn't want to overdo it. ;)

  2. These are awesome and you made the world a brighter place for doing it!

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  8. Wonderful post! Kids sometimes can make life the best of the rides!!

  9. I forgot to say how much I like the design of the blog! :)

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