Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Program

Short little blog...

Today was Kaley's Christmas program at school. TOO CUTE! They have been practicing the songs for a couple of weeks now. All of the smaller kids were in the front. They were dancing and laughing and pointing/calling out to their moms. Kaley did LOTS of nose picking - yes, you read correctly - nose picking!!! Poor baby, she was having issues! There was also tongue sticking out occasions, fighting with Tyler (he's the cute red head beside Kaley), pulling up her tights and removing clothes. Of course, singing would not be singing without some Hannah Montana attitude occasionally thrown in! Also, every now & then she disappears when she decides to sit down. Basically it was a typical Christmas program for 2 & 3 year olds. It was PRECIOUS!

Here are a couple video clips. I have laughed out loud numerous times when watching! The little blonde with the black dress is our neighbor, Bailey.

Classic nose picking!

Here Kaley and her buddy Tyler are having a little disagreement. :) Kaley thought "Tyler was rocking baby Jesus too hard."

Kaley was having some problems with her tights here! More nose picking! I love it when towards the end she squeals & Tyler gives her a look and just she holds out her hands like "Oh well!"

Talk to you soon!

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