Tuesday, December 30, 2008

News of all sorts

Well, first the GOOD NEWS!!! Miss Kaley slept in her bed ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT - from about 9:15 to 9:00 this morning! YAHOO!!!! We finished the bedtime ritual (bath, book, tuck in, deciding which sound from the noise maching) around 8:30. Pumpkin & I both expected lots of tears, sobs, etc., but boy were we surprised - there was NONE! She maybe called for us or came out of her room 6 or 7 times until she just curled up & went to sleep about 45 minutes later. NOT BAD at all for her first night!! She came to get me around 9:15 this morning. She had changed into clothes and was grinning EAR to EAR! She couldn't wait to call her Daddy and let him know that she slept in her bed all night long! She kept saying how she was a big girl and wasn't scared anymore! YAY KALEY!!!!!!!

Next news isn't good or bad - just another step in our journey with Brittney's MRSA. The new antibiotics (round 4) aren't working at all. Her right ear is getting worse. SO - today we have an appointment with the infectious disease doctor. We went to see them during the last episode, and it wasn't effective. We're hoping for a much different outcome this time. Her appointment is at 1:30. I'll put something on Twitter from my phone.

Final news is not mine to share, but she knows who I'm talking about. S - I am sooooo excited for you! What an answer to A LOT of prayers! YAHOO!

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