Saturday, May 9, 2009

Six Word Saturday

I'm posting! Can you believe it?!

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I'm ALIVE!!! Arm still not good, but I'm ALIVE!!!

This arm thing SUCKS!

I just finished week one of four weeks of physical therapy.

And I HATE not blogging, but the continuous typing sends little darts of pain straight to my elbow. The tendon in my elbow that is inflammed goes down the forearmand attaches to the fingers. ARGH!

About a week and a half a go I had a cortisone shot in my elbow.

But - it gave me a great story - 'specially since I can laugh at myself - and share my idiocy with the entire blogosphere!

Let me preface the story by telling you Baby Chicklet sleeps with us - crucial information!

(Yes, she's four. Don't get me started.)

For a day and a half AFTER the cortisone shot, I was in EXCRUTIATING pain. I couldn't bend my wrist or pain would shoot up my arm, and I seriously would moan, yell, cry. Not pretty.

I called the ortho doc and told him I thought he did something wrong. Seriously.

He said although my reaction to the shot was not typical, it was not abnormal.

WHAT?!? I was already counting my malpractic millions in my head.

He called me in some pain meds and said to call the next day if it wasn't any better.

After sleeping MAYBE an hour all night long (and not being able to blog while I was awake - woe is me!) I was on the phone the second they opened. And I was starting to count the malpractice millions again, because there was a MAJOR new problem!

Here's the conversation:

Me: Well, the pain is no better, and I'm totally freaking out now because I have teeny, tiny GREEN spider vein looking things going down my arm!

Nurse: The way you are reacting to the shot, I hate to tell you, but you are probably going to be in pain until the steroids kick in tomorrow or the next day. But I've never heard of the other problem.

Me - Seriously. I have green spider veins in various spots on my arm. There's a circular spot around the injection area and the veins are in sporadic places down my forearm.

Nurse: I'm going to have to talk to the doctor and get back with you. This is totally new to me. Can you look very close at them and see if you can describe them a little more?

Me: (Arm up in my face, moving my finger over the green areas) Ummmm.....never mind.

Nurse: Excuse me?

Me: Never mind. I think I need to take a shower.

Nurse: Huh?

Me: Ummm....It's coming off. I think my little one drooled her green ring pop on my arm during the night.

Damn - there goes the malpractice millions once again!!!


  1. LOL!!!! I have totally done that. Called the doctor about some really red mark on my neck, only to realize that it was popsicle.

    Hope you are feeling better soon, I miss you!

  2. Sorry you're still having problems with that arm. I was afraid that might be why you weren't around. Too funny about the green lines though. I hope you'll be feeling better soon!

  3. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing hysterically about the green "spider veins." Love those ring pops. :)

    Glad you are still here.

  4. LOL! Nice! That's a perfect Mother's Day story!!

  5. Too funny! Something like that would never happen to me though...because my youngest (who also sleeps in my bed) likes purple lollipops not green.

  6. What a great Mother's Day post!!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Funny story!! Darn kids ;-)
    Hope you are having a delightful Mother's Day..

  8. THAT is hilarious! :D
    I hope your arm feels better soon!

  9. Sheesh! I'm sorry your arm feels so bad!
    Get well soon and uh, no more ring pops before bed. That's LOL funny!

  10. that's hilarious. I count malpractice millions all the time (especially as my leg still hurts five months after it was broken) and yet, I think I'm going to have to think of a very different retirement plan.

    I'm glad there were no spider veins, but YOU KNOW that nurse jotted you conversation in your chart and laughed behind your back, right?

  11. That is hilarious! Yesterday I had a full-on conversation with someone with dried spit up in my hair. Neat, huh?

  12. Boo on the pain! Boo! Go away pain!

    I was totally cracking up over this! Cat dribbled red ring pop on my arm once and I thought I cut myself!

  13. Too funny!!
    Hope you are feeling better soon. :)

  14. Ugh. I am so sorry to read that you still have not been able to return to your kick-butt, tennis playing self, Donnetta. The pain must be horrible.

    At least you haven't contracted some sort of green alien disease, though! :)


  15. That is too funny not the part of you being in pain of course but calling the nurse.

  16. Oh I'm so sorry you had such a bad reaction to the shot! I recall getting those in my knee and they didnt' feel good but constant pain for several days - ugh it has to be the worst!

    On another note that is freakin' halrious about the ring pop drool, at least you realized it yourself BEFORE going in - and not having to be examined and TOLD to shower it off. :)

    Stopping by to say that I'm hosting another giveaway! Stop by and participate. Would make a great gift!

  17. I hope you're feeling better! The story, however, made me cry with laughter twice... when I read it the first time, then again when I read it to my mom!

  18. I recall getting those in my knee and they didnt' feel good but constant pain for several days - ugh it has to be the worst!

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  19. Too funny about the green lines though. I hope you'll be feeling better soon! Work from home India


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