Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

I LOVE tennis.

I HATE what it does to my not-so-youthful body.

Tennis in Georgia is ALTA. ALTA is practically a religion.

Our team needed 5 points on Sunday to have a shot at playoffs.

And guess what - we are playoff bound!

But - this old broad is injured.

I did something to my right forearm. It hurts to grasp, lift and TYPE!

OH YEAH - it hurts to type!!! Which puts a SERIOUS hurtin' on my blogging abilities.

So - I'm going to the orthopaedist this afternoon and hoping a cortisone shot will do the trick!

'Cause there is tennis to be played and championships to be won!

AND commenting to do!

Cross your fingers for me and forgive me for not coming by!

As soon as my typing fingers are pain free, I'll be BACK!


  1. I have always wanted to learn how to play tennis.

  2. You are forgiven and awarded!!
    Grab the blogger buddy and zombie chicken awards from my blog.

  3. Hope the doc can hook you up and make you feel better!

  4. Oh hell no! You cannot do anything that might detract you from blogging. That is just unacceptable.

    But I sure hope the doc can fix you up!

  5. Eek! Let's hope that the cortisone works it's magic... no tennis and no blogging?! That would be grounds for revolt.

  6. You better be able to still blog! God knows we can't live without your blogginess everyday!

  7. That stinks! I hope you get better soon!

  8. Get that shot and win that Championship, Girl!!! And tell us all about it when you do! (Lots of pictures too please)

  9. Congrats to you and your team! Any chance to bring the gold home? We'll be over here, routin' for ya!

  10. I hope your arm gets better soon! Get that shot! Alternate hot and cold on it! Take some tylenol! Get some physical therapy!

  11. So how did the appointment go? Are you feeling any better??


    You rock girlfriend! I don't think I've ever been able to hit a tennis ball!

  12. Oh I hope you are feeling better! Hubby just had a cortisone shot in his knee yesterday for a tear... and he already has had surgery on it once! UGHHH

  13. Your typing arm is injured. Gasp! I will be wishing you a speedy recovery, my friend.

    Honestly, take good care of yourself. Your fans in the blogosphere will be here when you get back. Good luck with those tennis playoffs!


  14. Hey Donnetta,
    I've got a 'green' award for you at my place. The code is at the very bottom of the post...

  15. Oh goodness darlin-I hope you get better.
    Darn Ive missed reading...Ive been trying so hard to write every person that comments me back so therefor I havent had time to read, comment, or do annything else.
    Ive decided Id rather comment people back then write back.
    So you will be seeing me around here more!

  16. Ouch! Cortisone shot! It will only hurt for a minute! Ha! Hope this does the trick and you are out and about playing tennis soon!! Best of luck in the playoffs!

  17. BTW, I've got a piece of Bloggy Bling for you at my place today. Enjoy!

  18. I hope everything worked out and you are feeling better now!

  19. Oh, no! Get the shot. Get the shot!!!
    And go on with your bad self and win.

  20. This long absence does not bode well! Hope you're okay :)


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