Monday, April 12, 2010

A Keeper on the First Try

Eldest Chicklet and I went shopping for her prom dress today.

Is anyone else completely bamboozled (yes, bamboozled - I like it) by the fact that she fell in love with the FIRST dress she put on?

A 17 year old girl - FIRST dress.

Not knowing my chicklet, you would THINK that was pure craziness.


This was the SECOND time it's happened!

Last year, she picked the first dress she tried on for Homecoming Court.


As we left she said, "You are SO lucky you had me. Who else could find their senior prom dress on their first try?"


I'm SO lucky I had you!


  1. My mom would have loved having me do that! lol!

    I drug her to every store we could find with Prom Dresses, Both Jr and Sr year! lol

  2. Something tells me that you are lucky in more ways than one! My teen has his outfit properly coordinated with the gf and I'm ordering the corsage today so he is all set for prom! Boys are too easy.

  3. what a sweet moment to share! and the fact hat it was so easy made it even more fabulous i'm sure. ;)

  4. Wow mine was based on clearance, does it fit, and will mama buy it haha. I so wish I had my choice of dress.

  5. That is impressive! I can't wait to see pics...I know she is going to be nauseatingly gorgeous as always!


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