Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here I come!

Well, at least I did today!

My week three weigh in was today, and...

I'm DOWN two more pounds!

Thrilled beyond words (which for me is a rarity), my first thought was MORE WORKING OUT!

Crazy, huh?

But I was so thrilled with my success, especially with my Super Bowl naughtiness, that I wanted MORE of the success.

I wonder if that counts as an addiction?


Here's the weekly run down.

Week 1: -8.5

Week 2: -3.5

Week 3: -2

Total pounds loss - 14


It truly does feel awesome, and I'm SO incredibly proud of myself.

Bring it, Weight Loss Challenge.

I'm ready!


  1. Great job!! It is hard to not eat all of the yummy Super Bowl Food :)

  2. Way to go I so need to get in gear and do that! 2 lbs is excellent!

    P.S. Beer at Chuck E I never thought of that, next time I get dragged there that will be in my hand!

  3. Amazing!! No wonder you're thrilled beyond words, that's awesome! Continue being proud of yourself and keep it up - wow!!


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