Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl

NOT so SUPER hot for the weight loss plan!

Way too much beer was had by DJ Fatty Fat!

And of course if beer was had, the munchies set it.

And my NEMESIS...HOT WINGS were there to devour!


However, being the ever so smart (and modest) Fatty I am, I made my weigh in day for the middle of the week so I had recovery time for whatever bad decisions I make on the weekends!

I am a scale addict - get on every morning - and know that I'm not doing so hot.

BUT since my official weigh in date is not until Wednesday, it TOTALLY doesn't count! ;)

Fingers crossed that my GOOD choices today and tomorrow will overcome the BAD ones!

In the meantime, I'm jumping in on a Weight Loss Challenge!

It's all about the support, sistas!

Here are my beginning stats....

Week 1: -8.5

Week 2: -3.5

Week 3: See ya Wednesday!

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