Monday, February 22, 2010

Every Monday Matters

GASC - Georgia Association of Student Council

The Eldest Chicklet is Vice President of her high school's student council.

This past weekend was the annual GASC conference. EC's high school needed another adults, so she asked me to tag along.

What a PHENOMENAL group of kids!! And what a PHENOMENAL weekend of learning about service, self-awareness and leadership.

Accomodations - no so phenomenal. Take out the rat, ghost and blood-sucking spider, and still not so phenomenal!

What stayed with me the most was the theme of service, and how service should be a weekly endeavor - not just around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Service impacts others in more ways you can imagine.

Service can change the world.

I challenge you to be a servant once a week.

Whether it is service for yourself that will make a you a better person, whether it's service in your school or community, whether it's a service that can be felt globally.

Make a difference.

Be a servant.

My service for the week - writing a letter of appreciation to someone in the military.

What's yours?


  1. Oh sure, put me on the spot like that! lol

    Ok, I'm game. My service this week is to actually spend time with my mom. She is feeling neglected!

  2. What an amazing thing to do! Last week I made dinner for the 30 youth at church it was such an amazing feeling to do for others. I wanted to drop off and run off quick, didn't want the thank yous just wanted to it to be there for them.


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