Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Videos Galore!

We had 2 3/4 inches of SNOW Friday!

Those of you up north are probably laughing, but that is BIG stuff for us.

Obviously, the kids had a BLAST!

Baby Chicklet made a great snow angel.

Tripp, Kaley, and her BFF ganged up on Pumpkin, and it was snowball WAR!

Pumpkin attempted to snowboard.

He said, "My center is not quite in the same place it used to be!"

Middle Chicklet had fun on the tube.

He didn't have quite the same success on the skim board.

Baby Chicklet tried a little tubing of her own.

She went SUPER fast on the "snowboard" - a disembodied skateboard.

Baby Chicklet's BFF's Daddy (Insert singing here - "That's just my BFF's Daddy") thought he would have a peaceful ride down the hill. Until Middle Chicklet started the snowball attack!

All in all a GREAT day in the Georgia snow!

*DISCLAIMER* Yes, there is no video of the eldest chicklet. It was "too cold" for her.

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  1. It looks like everyone had a great time. I used to like snow too, then we got too much.


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