Monday, March 8, 2010

Every Monday Matters

Every Monday Matters

Service is a powerful thing - whether doing it yourself or instilling it in children.

I was blown away at school this morning.

It's a big testing day, which means major stress.

I said, "Ugh..It's Monday!"

Several of my students, with huge smiles on their face, said, "Yes, but every Monday matters!"


Service can be shown a multitude of ways:

Going out of your way to thank others

Helping others

Welcoming others

Giving your time

Giving your money

Helping our environment

I teach in a school with a fairly high transient ration. We frequently have new students.

Our service this week is going to be creating cards for new students. Welcoming them and letting them know what a fantastic school we have!

What is your service for the week?


  1. Wow powerful huh? Sometimes it's just the encouraging words of other people that can really make the difference in ones day.

    Making cookies for the church, so they can take them to the new people :).

  2. Feeding the stray cats in the neighbourhood. Does this count?

  3. Sometimes it's hard to keep up when other things are more pressing.
    I liked your students' Monday morning sentiments . . .

  4. you have great students to understand Mondays.

    My service is donations when I can to the vet services

  5. Following you back! Wow, you have a beautiful family. Nice to meet you -



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