Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Blog = GIVEAWAY!!

I'm so excited about my new blog design that I had one of my friends who makes GEORGEOUS jewelry whip up something that goes along with my new blog theme.

I am giving away THIS beautiful necklace and matching earrings!


1 entry - Leave a comment to this post saying what you think this piece should be priced at. Tina is starting to go GLOBAL and is very interested in what people would pay.

2 entries - Follow me!

2 entries - Twitter about this giveaway.

2 entries - Add my button to your blog.

3 entries - Post about this giveaway.

So, if you've had a day like mine, & it's tough to use your brain right now, that's a potential 10 entries! Pretty cool, right?!

If you Twitter - be sure to comment and leave me your Twitter name!

If you add my button or post about the giveaway - please leave your blog address in a comment.

The contest will run for ONE week and will end at midnight, March 11.

Winner will be chosen using - thank goodness I have a week to figure out the darn thing!

Did I mention I'm a little S-L-O-W today???

UPDATE!! Tina has set up a blog page for her designs. Please go by, check out her things and show her some comment love - and BUY TONS! :)

The jewelry I've shown on the left and right sides of this post are other fantastic pieces she has made.

I thinks she makes some pretty awesome things!

So what are you waiting on? Comment, twitter, grab & post!



  1. I LOVE the reddish flowery jewelry - I think it's the third photo? I want it now. :) I have no idea about the cost of jewelry, though - NO idea! I never buy my own. My husband said he'd pay anything for it. He wants something in return, though. ;) Bahaha.

    I follow you already and am going to tweet about it right now - is that 5 entries, then? Yay!

    Your new layout is awesome! I love the colors, too.

  2. LOVE the layout design and I am just floored by the jewelry!
    I think she should charge $8000 a piece, anything less then that is a steal!

    I put your button up.

  3. Bahahahaha! You too?! I promised myself it would be a quick SITS roll call then back to bed, and yet, here I sit.
    Beautiful set! Very summery and beachy (would we say beachy?? Maybe yachty?! lol).
    The pricing would depend on where you are, I guess. It would probably sell for between $35 and $40 dollars (depending on the materials used, can't really tell in the pic) at the local place on the island we weekend at. But at a boutique here in town, it would probably sell for much more.
    I realize I'm little to know help here. I'm still half asleep, afterall.

  4. so know my bday is monday so you should give it away to me! ;) hahaha!
    those are all really pretty, she does wonderful work!

    i noticed you changed the side pictures...i love em all, such an adorable family!

  5. I would price it at about $40 (ish).
    COme to my blog, my giveaway ends tonight :)

  6. WOW she has got some MAD artistry skills! As for pricing, that is tough. Not knowing what the materials are or what kind of a market she'd be selling in (e.g. high end like Chicos or median like eBay or the like).. Were I to pop into a chic boutique on vaca I'd surely pay $35 for the set.

    DIG the new bloggy digs, flip flops and cds one can NEVER go wrong with them.

  7. I'm thinking $36 or so would be reasonable. Nice pieces.

  8. without knowing what the pieces are made of (are they sterling elements or base metal, gemstones?? what kind?) i'd say $10-$15 for the earrings and $20 for the necklace....beads and jewelry are hard to photograph because of their reflectiveness...i made a light box to use and the instructions are on the right side bar of my blog, if you are interested in sharing has made a huge difference in the quality of my photos.....

    i love the energy and colors of your blog's really fun!!

    visiting today from SITSa!!


  9. Oh how I love my fellow GA bloggers! Stopping by from SITS to say hello! I love the jewelry in the last picture! So gorgeous! I would probably pay $25 for the set if the stones are semi-precious stones.

  10. Swinging by from SITS. It is nice to find someone in bloggy world who is actually in my neck of the woods IRL.

    I would say about $40 for the whole set. Oh and now I follow you. Lead me astray!

  11. Hmmm.. I was thinking around $30-40.. but yes.. pricing should depend on the material you use!!!

  12. I am also now a follower!!!

  13. Oooh! I added your button to my blogroll!

  14. Fabulous layout.

    Fabulous contest.

    Not fabulous that I cannot remember if I Twitter or not. lol.

  15. I ♥ the new layout! It's awesome...and makes me want those summer days even more!

    As for the jewelry...gorgeous! I'd say anywhere from $25-35 depending on the materials she used.

  16. LOVE the new blog. Ahhh, feels like a new spring outfit doesn't it?
    Jewelry is cute, too!
    I say around $30-$40.

  17. I love the first set and last set. I'm not sure about the pricing though. I'll also Twitter about this giveaway, because I'd love to have the first set!

  18. Oh pick me pick me! I would pay like $25 for the necklace and $15 for the earings. Is that reasonable? I really have no idea about pricing this sorta stuff but those are way cute!

  19. Just added your cute button to my side bar!

  20. Hello! I saw your comment on SITS about the giveaway and am here to enter. Since she´s going GLOBAL I´m assuming I can enter, since I´m from Paraguay. I love the jewelery! I would pay about 25 - 35$ for them, depending on the materials used.
    I have tweeted about the giveaway and will be checking out that web site!

  21. After checking out your blog, I have decided to follow you! Hope you come by mine some time!

  22. Stopping by from SITS! Great giveaway...I'd love to win! But I honestly have no idea how much she should charge for a set like that...I'm not good at pricing things. I always have a hard time when I list things on my Etsy shop. =)

  23. I saw yon on SITS, saw giveaway and made a bee line for your blog! :)

    Your friends jewelry is beautiful. I'm probably not the best person to suggest a price because I don't buy jewelry very often.

    I'd say some where between $35 and $45! Knowing how expensive it is to make stuff by hand I'm probably way off on the value!

  24. wow love the new look and the jewelry too!! ithink she should charge from 25-60!! =)

  25. i'm a new follower! and don't forget to visit my blog to enter my two giveaways!!!

  26. love the jewelry! very earthy and comforting, not over the top.
    jewelry's tough to price. you just have to figure out what people are willing to pay and go to craft shows and see what's other stuff is selling for. but start higher and come down cause if you start too low it's harder to raise prices. :)

  27. ooohh, i love it! *I* would pay $48 max. for both. I LOVE the it.

    following you now ;)

  28. Ooooohhhh! Lovin' the look!

    She could easily get $40 but will probably sell more at like $30

  29. It's all so pretty! I was thinking about $35 for the set if she's just starting out. How exciting for her!

    Great giveaway!

  30. How beautiful!


  31. It's kinda hard to suggest a price but maybe $25-$30 for the set? I'm not good at these things!

  32. Very beautiful! Maybe around $38 for the necklaces and $18-$20 for the earrings???

  33. Your new blog looks FABULOUS!!!

    Ok..I would suggest about $40 for the set. It's really pretty!

    I am a follower!!!! Off to linky!

  34. I would say about 40 for the set is fair.. I really like it! pick me pick me!

  35. A giveaway in honor of your new blog design is indeed fitting. Fabulous! You look great made-over. :)

    What to price the necklace? Hmmm...maybe $35 for the set?

    Good luck with your contest!


  36. LOVE the new look! It's great.

    I am on Twitter...Although I don't use it much. I'll be following you shortly. :)


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