Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's Talk About


(But WHO gotta a Salt and Peppa flash back?!?!)

This is the 2nd year for middle chicklet to play travel baseball. If you don't know about travel baseball, it is CRAZY! They play 65-70 games a season. It's pretty intense.

Within the travel league, there are 3 different levels - AA, AAA & Majors. AA is the lowest level with Majors being the highest.

Last year, Middle Chicklet was on AAA team and, talent wise, was about the middle of the team. We had a FANTASTIC team. The kids played very well together and won 3 out of the 4 main tournaments we were in. BUT - one of the coaches was an ass so we felt it necessary to move MC to another team.

On this new team, MC is one of the top two kids. It's a new team, with about 1/2 of them playing All-stars last year (so no experience with travel) and the other 1/2 coming from various travel teams. As is the case with any new organization, they have to work (play) together for a while before they start playing as a whole. In virtually every case, these type of teams are classified as AA teams. It just gives them time to learn how to play together.

This weekend's tournament was a DISASTER. Our AA team was put up against three different Majors teams. Our last game today was 18-0. The game was called with the mercy rule after a GRAND SLAM put us over the 15 run limit.

MC has enough behavior issues that, truthfully, I don't CARE if we win or lose. I just want him to have fun and have a GOOD ATTITUDE. But this weekend, aaahhhh, was awful.

They played terrible. They really did.


They were put up against boys who were corn fed and had serious meat on their bones.

They were put up against boys who have played together since being weaned from their mother's teats. (Perhap that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point!)

They were put up against boys whose dad's words of encouragement were "It's about time you hit one hard!"

They were put up against boys whose mommas might climb the fence to "whoop their ass" (direct quote, people) if they didn't hit that ball!!!

Basically, the pressure was on....and they cracked. They overthrew balls. They dropped simple pop ups. They swung at pitches that were three feet over their heads. Simply, they were overwhelmed. But who wouldn't be.

It was hard to watch. But I'm sure it was harder to play.

So, I'm sorry, MC, for announcing to the blog world that your team sucked.

Maybe I'll let you borrow my tweezers.


  1. Sorry you lost me at Baseball ... Please dont' hate me it kills hubby too. I barely keep up with the football he tells me all about. I know when the boys get older I'll have to know all about it, but right now I'm in dumb founded ignorance bliss ... LOL Stopping by from SITS, very cute blog.

    If you have time I have a giveaway up, something fun and totally out of the norm for me. Back to mom on Monday ... LOL

    Alexis ;) @ Running Away

  2. I hope my girls never want to get into that stuff. Cheerleading is my thing but it is so expensive these days. Maybe I can get them into Karate. That way they could develop more self discipline and be able to totally kick some ass!

  3. I can't believe that mom actually said that! I'm glad that has never happened at one of my kids' games, yet.

    BTW, to change the comment thingy ... click customize and on the "Post" part of the page, click edit. That's where you can change a lot of things, including the comment thingy. (Sorry about the lingo here, I'm pretty blogger illiterate.)

  4. You have such a cute blog here! Wow, the joys of motherhood...I am not quite to that stage yet. :)

  5. Sounds like there needs to be a little steroid testing on that other team. For both the kids and the parents.

    I hate watching my child get frustrated during a game. You just want them to have fun but it's hard to watch them lose.

  6. it's rough when you face a group of kids who have been trained from a very young age to do what they are doing. but, you know what? it's just the beginning, there is a lot of season left!

  7. Aww, that stinks. But having fun is so much more important than being afraid your mama's gonna whoop something. Bahaha!


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