Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Most of us bloggers are very familiar with MckMama and her sweet baby boy Stellan.

Stellan is a VERY VERY sick boy. The SVT that he had in utero has presented again. Middle Chicklet has SVT and using vagal maneuvers normally pops them into a normal heart rythmn.

Sadly, this has NOT been the case for Stellan. He has been almost exclusively in SVT for about 3 days, which is very bad news for his heart. Basically his heart has been beating ridiculously high - 250s and up for these 3 days. Needless to say, extended time in SVT is extremely dangerous.

Please pray with all your heart for this sweet boy.

And please ask all you know to pray for him also.

He can take all the prayers he can get right now.

Prayers for Stellan


  1. I have been doing so and will continue. :)

  2. With all my heart, and all my soul.

    I'll be sure to pass it along, too...

    Thanks for passing it along.

  3. Awwww- Ive been praying and I keep reading the updates. My heart goes out to that family.

  4. I have let everyone know to pray. We will keep it up!

  5. Yes, we are praying over here too!

  6. Praying for that sweet angel-baby.

  7. So lovely of your to post this. I think we are all keeping MckMama and her precious baby close in our thoughts.


  8. I have been on my knees for him and keeping tabs for a few days!!

  9. Thoughts and prayers with the family. You're such a sweet friend and what a pleasure to know such an amazing selfless person!

  10. Poor, sweet thing! How awful for his family. Tons of prayers coming their way.


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