Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have had MORE comments today and SO many entries into my giveaaway!! I'm blown away! What a fun day, SITStas!!!

BUT - it's been crazy for me lately. I haven't commented on the blogs I follow and haven't emailed those who have left comments. And THAT is totally not like me! I apologize!!!

Tomorrow, however, I am back on the loose! :)

In the meantime, look at baby chicklet! (NOTE - it is 11:49 Eastern time as I write this. She is AWAKE beside me - crying!! Lord help me!)

While at our neighborhood pond, feeding the ducks

she decides she needs to take pictures. Since I'm NOT going to give her MY camera, she informs me she knows how to use my Blackberry. (WHAT?!?! Seriously?! She's FOUR!!)

She gets it, scrolls through the apps, (WHAT?!?! Seriously?! She's FOUR!!)

finds the camera and takes her own picture of the ducks! (Holy Macaroni...SQUARED!!)

Of course the ducks are not NEARLY enough of an adventure for baby chicklet. So - on to the playround we go!


Once she gets to the top, there's no other choice but to stop and pose! DUH!

Then...on to the swings.

Me, and my...........shadow......

Finally, it's time to go.
But.........who can resist this face??


  1. Haha! Sounds like my little chicklet! Kids.. they are far too tech savvy for their age!

  2. I love that last picture. It's awesome.

    My kids are way smarter than I am on the tech front. ;)

  3. Seriously. That last pic is the best! And she's a blackberry genius. Mine is an iphone genius.

  4. Oh my goodness these are such cute pictures - she is adorable. And she can use your blackberry. Starts so early nowadays. Funny thing - I have the EXACT same photo of Monsoon looking through that hole thing at our park, only it's green instead of maroon. Hands peeking out and everything. Freaky-deaky, huh?

  5. your little girl is so cute :) I can't believe she knows how to use a blackberry! WOWZERS! ha ha ha!

  6. I'm relieved that my kids are starting to play with tech gadgets so that they can teach me how to use all the new stuff they can inventing! It's all I can do to keep up...

    And may I just say that your pictures (kids too, of course!!) are ADORABLE. And your blog's pretty cool too : )

  7. So funny about the Blackberry...kids are amazing when it come to technology.
    Great photos...baby chicklet is very photogenic!

  8. Super cute and she's tall too!! Awesome shots!

  9. I have two kids and the things they have done over the years is just stunningly hilarious. The little one is naughtier. I wish they keep smiling always and make others smiling too.


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