Monday, March 2, 2009

Tag I'm It!

So, this morning when I was totally NOT blogstalking MckMama desperately NOT trying to be number one on NMM, I stumbled across THIS X-rated version of "Not Me!" Monday.

Those of you who know me well, you will understand I had to immediately follow Ms. Nikki - I mean, someone else with a warped sense of humor?! How could I not! (Not to mention every time I think of her name, I start breaking out with Prince's Little Nicky song!)

And since she immediately recognized that I was demented perverted angelic just like her, she tagged me to list 6 weird things about myself.

Since I'm the most normal person I know, it took me like 10 hours minutes to come up with THIS!

1. I'm SO not being a copycat, but I don't wear underwear either. I can't STAND pantylines nor do I like things crawling up the behind. SOOO - it's commando for me!

2. I carry salt everywhere - usually 2 kinds. One type for my margaritas and one type for my beer. Way bizarro, but I love it!

3. I know EVERY word to Meatloaf's "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights." If you are near me and hear it start to play, get out of the way. 'Cause I will RUN YOU DOWN to get up and sing and dance. Loudly. And I don't sing well. At. All.

4. I don't like icing. I will scrape it off. My mom makes me cupcakes with no icing for my birthday (even though I stopped having them several years ago).

5. I ate so many hot wings - hot as I could get them - during my last pregnancy that our friends said I would have hot sauce shooting out of my breasts rather than milk. TMI????

6. Potty humor will make Diet Coke spew out of my nose. Consider yourself forewarned.

Now - time to PASS IT ON!

1. Pooba - Grand Pooba

5. Snarky - Snarky Much?

Finally - Got a comment from Mandy today and hoped over to her blog to return the love. The post was "When Hell Freezes Over". Cracked me up!


  1. LOL! I am cracking up at your 6 weird things! Thanks so much for the tag. I will be working on this one....

  2. Yay! This gives me something to talk about tomorrow. My favorite subject...ME! Okay, seriously, I'm so not like that..but it worked for the moment. ;)

    But seriously, thanks for thinking of me!

  3. Although, I do wear underwear, I can match you word for word on Meatloaf. I will try to post this tonight. Thanks for the tag.

  4. Commando? That rocks! Potty jokes? Hmmmm....gimme a sec ;)

  5. we would go together quite well as you do not like icing and I love it you can have the cake and I will take the icing LOL

  6. Funny, funny stuff, girly! #1...commando is the only way to go...#3...all I can say is You Tube...#5..Hilarious!!!! Hot wing flavored breast milk!!! hahahahaha!!!! I love coming over here! (not for the breast milk...for the humor...)

  7. Thanks for the tag. I'll try to get to it this week.

    Meatloaf, huh?

  8. LOL. This is weird but funny and I love it!

  9. Hey, I'm visiting from SITS. I'm apparently the very opposite of you when it comes to icing. I usally take the icing off and leave the cake, go figure! Have a great day. :)

  10. Funny things-I am NOT (really, I am not) swiping this topic-but sooo funny-
    ...and DON'T get a dog-they are more work than kids, for sure!

  11. Hiya from SITS. First I got to tell you... I so love that Twilight ticker you got there! :) And your entry... omg, I choked on my hot wings reading that! :P

  12. I'm done with my post.

    Check it out, my friend. ;)

  13. Good Morning...thanks for visiting my blog...I like when Diet Coke spews from my nose;)

  14. I think of that song everytime i think of me, too..."I knew a girl named nikki...
    I guess u could say she was a sex fiend...met her in a hotel lobby...." well, you know what she was doing!!

    commando IS the only way to go...i, too, am a salt husband freaks out when meatloaf comes on, he says, "why do you know this song?"...i, too, scrape the icing off my cake and cupcakes...never had tabasco flavored breast milk...and potty humor, of course, is a riot!!!

    thanks for playing along!

  15. I love this list, you crack me up! :D
    Thanks for the tag. I shall obey! It looks like such a fun game :)

  16. OMGoodness... that list is hilarious!!! Visiting from SITS.. congrats on being saucy this week!

  17. I like you, Donnetta. You are not afraid to put everything about yourself out on the internet...even if it means telling us about your commando tendencies.

    My kind of girl!


  18. I a right with you on #1! God help me if I am in an accident! :)

    Visiting from SITS!

  19. Hot wings and potty humor - what's not to love? Unfortunately, after giving birth, I will never go without undies - that's just an accident waiting to happen. TMI? Ha! No such thing around here. :)


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