Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our little part

April 22 - Earth Day

How have we gone GREEN?

We've put in the squiggly bulbs.

We recycle, and I've been know to dig through the trash to move things over to the recycling can!

I have "makeshift" rain barrels. (They work for me!)

I have cloth bags for groceries.
My BIGGEST contribution to going green is the creation of....

Cloth Snack Bags!

Don't tease and mock the sewing, people!

I went out and bought a sewing machine and taught MYSELF to sew and make these little lovelies!!

Since then, thank goodess, my sewing has DRAMATICALLY improved, and now I'm able to make things like THESE!

But back to the cloth snack bags.

Rather than using and throwing away countless ziplock bags that take up SO much space in landfills, my kids use their cloth snack bags.

They picked fabric for the outside. I put a vinyl type fabric on the inside and attached velcro.

We rinse them out or even throw them in the washing machine. (Which apparently is what the pink and purple striped one DESPERATELY needs!)

And VOILA, just like that, reduce our carbon footprint!

For other great ideas on going green and helping our environment, visit Cate at Show My Face!


  1. cool. i need to teach myself to sew so that I can do nifty things like that!

  2. Very cool! We almost always carry our own lunches and snacks and have tried to reduce the plastic baggies as much as possible but using tupperware or our cloth bags. We haven't gotten rid of the plastic baggies completely but every little bit helps!

  3. I LOVE your cloth snack bags. Absolutely brilliant! And, I wouldn't dare to tease you about your sewing skills. If you have you seen my sewing skills, I am sure you understand why.

  4. Great idea! I love the clothes on baby chicklet!

  5. The snack bags are fabulous. I might have to try my hand (or ask my mom to do it - she sews!)

    How did you make your rain barrels? I've been wanting to collect rain water, but haven't gotten off my duff to figure out how.

  6. Holy Moly you sew some cute stuff! love the jeans and good for you for going green! Happy Earth Day!

  7. That's a great idea. I do the lunch bags and grocery bags, but still am throwing out the ziplocks. I'm gonna have to work on that!

  8. This is fantastic! I wash out and reuse Ziplocs, but it's a pain because you have to air dry them, and it takes forever! I love this idea!

  9. We do alot of the same things you guys do to save the world. LOL. My wife took it a step futher and we cloth diaper our youngest daughter (not as bad or hard to do as you think)

  10. I'd carry one of those snack bags to work proudly. They looks snazy.

  11. You rock I need to bust out my sewing machine, it's still in the box .. LOL. I don't think I've sewn since High School Homemake. But I'm on a mission to do a bedspread for Cole :)

  12. You really do have the biggest recycling bin in the neighborhood!! Good for you! :)

  13. GREAT IDEA! Maybe I'll finally learn how to sew soon so I can make these, too!

  14. that's such a great idea... i might have to make some of those if i can dig my sewing machine out of my craft room.

  15. See...I told you that you ROCK. You taught yourself to sew? I wish I could!

    Yeah for doing your little part to go green! We have squiggly bulb, recycle and use cloth grocery bags BUT I'm still a sucker for plastic snack baggies.


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