Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tip for Tuesday


'Cause you could be a big WINNER like me!

And TWO of my FOUR (yep, you read it right!!) prizes have been received!

Can you guess who THIS one is from??

If you guessed the FABULOUS Ryan Ashley Scott, you are correct-a-mundo!

Did the feathers give it away? :)

I wish I could rock the feathers like she does!

This fantastic array of goodies was a celebration of her 100th post at Optimistic Cynicism.

My piggies needed SERIOUS help, and this wonderful prize was the perfect knight in shining armour!!!!


Next up on the wheel of prizes.....

My laptop bag from Miss Gina's Designs!

Isn't it GEORGEOUS?!!

I won it in a SITS Saturday Spotlight!

Gina was fantastic! I was able to pick out my own fabric and style, sent her my laptop measurments, and I had it in LESS than a week!!

AND she embroidered it!! FREE!!!

Go check her out! I'm amazed at all the things she creates!!


The best part...I still have TWO prizes a-comin'!!

Are you still here?!?! Go enter giveaways!!


  1. now you are a seriously lucky girl!! love that bag.

    thanks for stopping by my blog via sits!

  2. You must be the luckiest person on the planet. I won my first giveaway last week and I pretty much join every one I find (for stuff I want). I thought I'd never win. BTW - I really wanted that laptop bag, so I think I am building a resentment now that I see it in real life. But, yeah, congratulations to you!

  3. Congrats on your winnings! They look absolutely fabulous!

  4. Yay! That is a fabulous mantle photo of some lovely lady up there... Bwahahaha! Glad you liked everything. My favorite might be the solar cuticle oil... it smells sooo good.

    I'm with Musings of the Mrs. on that laptop bag - building up the resentment over here. Kidding, of course. Well, maybe. ;)

  5. Yeah, so I've noticed your name all over the blogsphere as winning pretty much every contest out there! I'm jealous!

  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm not talking to you anymore until you send your lucky vibes my way for a little while :)

    Enjoy al your goodies!

  7. What fabulous prizes ya got there! Congrats! I just love Ryan, she is lovely! :)

  8. I've seen your name and I was so excited for you! Right on girlie, it's so nice getting presents!

  9. Niiiice! Love the cute bag!
    I never enter because I never win.

  10. Congrats!

    I have to say that once you win something it becomes a bit addictive. My first win was from your site. I've since won from blueviolet and just this morning I won a 'green' bag from Brandy!

  11. Ok-so Im NOT liking you right about now!!
    Thats wonderful!! Ive been doing this since November and I havent won anything! BUT I have gotten something...you have to read my blog tomorrow to find out!! ;)

  12. Wow! That laptop bag is awesome! And embroidered for free! WOW!!


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