Saturday, April 11, 2009

Six Word Saturday

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"I'm old. Six Flags hurt me."

I took Baby Chicklet, Middle Chicklet and one of his friends to Six Flags on Thursday.

Nine hours of "fun."

The kiddie rides made me want to hurl. Seriously.

Now - raging sinus infection.

Either Six Flags has cooties or walking through gigantic clouds of pollen for 9 hours did me in.

I'm leaning towards the cooties.

BUT - despite my whining and complaining, fun was had by all.

The evidence is in THESE crappy quality photos taken with my Blackberry since my small camera was camera-jacked by the Eldest Chicklet.

Driving the big rig. Oh yeah. Big wheels keep on turnin'...

Chillin' on the tree house ride - checking to see how far they will

And how she spent most of the day - hands in the air!! She ain't afraid of no rides!


  1. Fun for the kids but tough on the momma. The pollen is really doing me in too. I hate this time of year sometimes.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Hi.... pardon my ignorance but what's "six flags?"
    Sounds exhausting!

    Best wishes and thanks for your visit.
    I really enjoy six word satuday... it's fun!

    Ribbon :-)

  3. Great 6 words, and LOVE the snaps! Don't forget my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes tomorrow...I'll have something for your Easter Basket!

  4. Love your six words. Last time I went to Six Flags, I woke up the next day more sore than if I ran a marathon (not that I would know how sore a marathon would make me). Hope you get well soon!

  5. It is impossible for me to explain exactly how terrified roller coasters make me! A few years ago I went on the Mickey Head roller coaster at California Disney and I screamed and shut my eyes the entire ride and I pressed my back so hard into the seat I was bruised for days! I am not a daredevil at all! Your daughter is much braver than I am, that's for sure! :0)

  6. I feel your pain...literally. We recently went to Disneyland and California Adventure and I felt old...really old. Even just the crowds and noise and being jostled did me in.

    Cute pics...guessing the chicks had fun at least!

  7. Ahaha! I experienced the what-I'm-old-and-now-get-sick-on-rides? thing a ew years ago. It was a rude awakening! Am glad you had a good time with the Chicklets though--take a Benadryl (then if it doesn't work you'll knnow you got cooties!)

  8. Very cute kidlets you got there! Six flags sounds fun- but, I kinda like amusement rides. Pollen clouds, not so much. Hopefully you get better soon.

  9. It looks like a cool, crazy, cootie filled day! (Fun) Happy Easter!

  10. Oh, I dropped by from were above me and I wanted to visit some of my SITSers....


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