Friday, April 3, 2009

Six Word Saturday +1

Cate is gonna kill me. I'm cheating. So completely cheating.

But it wouldn't have sounded right with only 6 words. I needed ONE more.

"You must not be from around here."

Middle Chicklet has issues. Seriously.

Mainly issues with anger mangement & frustration. He expects perfection of himself - especially when related to sports.

He is unbelievably fortunate to be one of those kids who are just born athletes. He picks up a sport and excels at it. Disgusting, I know, but true.

However, in HIS eyes, he can't just excel. He must be perfect. We all know only I am perfect that is never gonna be the case.

HE, however, can't get it through his THICK skull.

So during his last game, he SHOWED HIS BUTT!!!

Yes, you heard me right - SHOWED HIS BUTT!!!

He did his normal shortstop thing (flawless) and was getting very agitated that the other kids on the team were being typical kids and making errors here & there.

He came into the dugout, throwing his arms in the air, bitching & moaning about how "Our team sucks!" TOTALLY inappropriate.

Me to another mom - "Did you just see him show his butt?"

Her - "What?! He pulled his pants down?"

Me - "NO!!! He acted a fool. must not be from around here...."


  1. Ha! I've never heard that one either. But you can bet it is now part of my repertoire!

  2. I've never heard that, but will be using that statement from now on. Based on your comment from Sassy, looks like you are setting a new nationwide trend.

  3. Love it!!!
    I gave you a bloggy award... here's the link.. enjoy!!

  4. I must be from around here.

    I totally get the butt thing.

    BTW, don't forget Sx3 over at my place tomorrow!!

  5. Too funny!
    And congrats on your win from last weeks giveaway at SITS!

  6. Hmmm...Me "show your butt" means you acted inappropriately? Love it, I'll have to incorporate that along w/ Dang flabbit more often! ;)

  7. We use those all the time. Eeeeek we must be surrounded by yankees! Hide the grits and the sweet tea. Oh well, I'll worry about that tomorrow. BTW I sent you a friend request :)

  8. haha. I'm definitely not from around there. I had never heard it either, but loved it.

  9. I didn't get it at first, but it is quite funny after the explanation. It would also have been funny (for me, since I'm not his mother) if he had actually shown his butt. Probably not so much funny for you. ;)

  10. Hi1 Stopping by to congratulate you on your win! Also your post was hilarious and I will officially be your newest follower!!

  11. I've only heard the more, umm, adult version of the phrase. I'm glad to hear he wasn't mooning people at least.

    And, umm, you totally cheated. I won't punch you in the face but I *will* be thinking of a suitable punishment.

  12. Yeah, I am definitely not from around here, because I had never heard that before. :)

  13. LOL! I am apparently not from around there! I totally thought he mooned the team!

    Congrats on winning the bag!

  14. Show his butt ... LOL I'm so not from around here either ... LOL.

    You crack me up! Happy Saturday Girlie :)


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