Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pardon Me

Please pardon my absence this week.

THIS Saturday, we are hosting our 7th annual Crawfish Boil for OVER 150 people.

Singing: Pete Whitfield - the lead singer from the most popular bar band around.



Yes, you heard me, Elvis.

Don't. Be. Jealous.

This here is a shindig of mammoth proportions.

Needless to say, I'm a wee bit busy from now until Sunday.

Please, please forgive me for not commenting and visiting as I should.

I'm just trying to keep my head above the mudbugs (That's slang for crawfish if you're not from around here!)

Just so you know where I'll be....

Eatin' some grub.

Chillin' with my girls.

Rollin' with laughter.

Feelin' the jam.

Gettin' freaky with it.

Throwin' some 'shoes.

Drinkin' some beer.

Shakin' my tail feathers.

Oh - and did I mention it's for charity!


  1. How awesome a time does this look like?! Can't wait to hear all about this year's shindig!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! (And for the record, I might be a Cali girl but I know what a mudbug is...my daddy's a Louisiana boy!)

    Good luck preparing and have a great weekend!

    Oh, and congrats on all your big wins lately!

  3. Awesome! I love Crawfish! I haven't had any in forever! Can you send any leftovers my way?!

  4. Are you kidding? You rock!

  5. That looks like a BLAST! Can you believe I have never had a crawfish (they don't look very appetizing but I'm sure they are delish).

  6. Wow, ya'll do it big! Have a great time!

  7. Awesome! Um, I wanna come!!

    But you left out, poopin in the port-a-potty!

  8. Have a great time!!! Cant wait to hear all about it!!


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