Thursday, April 2, 2009

So proud of our Eldest Chicklet

Our lovely Eldest Chicklet has been honored countless times this year.

Here are some...

Captain for 2nd year on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad and winner of Coaches Award

Vice-President of Student Council

2nd Place in DECA Regional Competition

5th Place in DECA State Competition

Invitation ($950 invitation mind you!!!) to DECA Nationals in Anaheim - to which she decided to miss prom in order to go. Her words "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Have I mentioned she's smart, beautiful and WISE?

Selected to be in the Prom Fashion Show.

Selected to be the face of Senior pictures - photo shoot in which she will appear on flyers and posters for 2010 Seniors.

And the latest...

Induction into the National Technical Honor Society, which includes her career path - medicine.

Afterwards, posing with one of her best friends...

Posing with the principal. Yes, gay, I know, but still...

And posing with Baby Chicklet. They are both CRAZY about each other. Seriously.

And no event would be the same without some silliness from Baby Chicklet!

Brittney Baby, we couldn't be more proud of you!!


  1. Congratulations to her - so many accomplishments. Sounds like she will go far in life,Donnetta.

  2. oh speechless!!
    that is just awesome-way to go eldest chicklet and way to go mom & dad!!!

  3. She sounds incredibly mature. I am not sure I would have foregone prom if I needed brain surgery that could be scheduled only that day. I would have chosen prom over living. Not quite sure what DECA is, but I'm sure it is honorable. Congratulations.

  4. I'll bet you are so proud! It is so great when they accomplish things we never could have dreamed about!

  5. Wow you have all the right in the world to be proud! Love th pictures always such a beautiful family :)

  6. Brittney is a beautiful young lady and we are so proud of her. We have watch her her grow into a mature,talented and loving person. We know she will go far in life. Love you Brit.

  7. Holy crap that's a lot of accomplishments! Way to go Brittney!

  8. That's awesome. You SHOULD be proud. Can you come up and help me with parenting 101?! As they grow older I'm getting scared...

  9. Thanks for stopping by my place. Your kids are precious.. and CONGRATS!!!!


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