Friday, January 16, 2009

Frozen Tundra

Here in HOTlanta, temperatures usually don’t dip below the 30’s and CERTAINLY don’t get into the single digits and teens. However, at this precise moment, we are a balmy 14 degrees. WHAT?! This is the South for Heaven’s sake! Georgia, home of southern belles (‘cause y’all know that’s SO me – delicate little flower that I am…insert sarcasm – heavy dose, mind you).

I don't like to be cold. I'd rather it be 90 degrees and in a bathing suit at the pool. Sorry for that visual so early in the morning. I hope you were able to keep your breakfast down! My idea of cold is the pool water before July. This 14 degree stuff is for the birds or should I say Eskimos!!

I have a disappearing fountain in my front yard and another fountain in the back yard. Pumpkin put bleach in them thinking it would prevent them from freezing. See how that worked out for us...


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