Thursday, January 15, 2009

Urgent need for help!!

Good morning. Through my blog I'm in touch with many moms around the United States. I have just heard of a family in URGENT need of help.

They have TEN children - many are adopted from all over the world. They have felt called to help children and have selflessly done so. They JUST returned home December 19 from Africa where they adopted 2 more children.

Yesterday their home caught on fire and the inside is a TOTAL LOSS. They don't know if the structure can be saved or not. Not only have they lost EVERYTHING except the clothes on their backs, they have two children who have not been here for even one month!! I'm sure you can imagine those children are terrified.

I have contacted Linn abd told her I plan to send a care package to them. PLEASE let your heart open for this very very needy family. I am collecting items for the next two days (only a short time, but I want to get things to them ASAP!). I'm asking our wonderful friends/family to please donate items they are in desperate need of. Here is a list of suggestions, but feel free to bring anything! Remember, they have small children and need both adult & child items.

Visa Gift Cards
Wal-Mart Gift Cards
Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Dental Floss
Disposable Razors/Deodorant/Q tips
Hairbrush/Comb/Ponytail Holders
Disposable Washcloths
Contact Solution
Tylenol/Advil (child & adult)

Please email me at if you would like to help. I will be HAPPY to either come & pick items up or arrange for pick up.

Here is their blog address to read more about their story.

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