Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ping Pong - not so good!

Well, Pumpkin went into tonight's ping pong tournament the neighborhood champion. He came out....not quite the same. I'll just say in the double elimination tournament - he didn't make it past two rounds. Ouch. Not quite what he had in mind.

I, on the other hand, made it THREE whole rounds!!!1 OK - so I lost the first and went straight to the loser's bracket. Then I won the next and was KILLED in the last set of game! Oh well. It was A LOT of fun!!! I'll post pics tomorrow. Right now - at 1:25 am - I'm a smidge tired.

Givn' props to Lori Hagan - she rocked!!! Smoked me left & right and everywhere in between!

Thanks to everyone who participated & planned. It was a huge success as a fund raiser for our tennis program, but more importantly, it was a great gettogether for our community!

So - for now - toodles. I'm goin' to sleep!

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