Monday, January 19, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

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It was NOT ME who let Kaley sleep in our bed last night after telling everyone what a pushover her Daddy was for letting her sleep in the bed with him when I was out of town. Your Honor, I plead temporary insanity.

It was NOT ME who also let Kaley have milk in her sippy cup at bedtime after over and over telling her Daddy how bad it was for her teeth. Does being tired count as an excuse????

It was NOT ME who stood up and yelled at the opposing coach at Friday night's high school basketball game. And it was NOT ME who watched her daughter the cheerleader do the same from the sidelines. Seriously, I would NOT set that type of example.

It was also NOT ME encouraged the cheerleaders to get everyone they know pumped up for the night that same team comes to OUR gym so we can have a loud heckling section. Really, I would not encourage retaliation.

Also, check out my new Say WHAT?! Saturday for the funny things our kids say.

Have a great week and remember to keep praying for Abby Riggs!

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  1. Oh you're a sassy one, aren't you? :)


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