Saturday, February 14, 2009


I’m so completely excited about this giveaway! Let’s give a little background. I’m not a prude. By any means. So when SITS posted their awesome giveaway for discreet and FUN adult toys from Eden Fantasys, I was quick to leave a comment. Hello?!? PICK ME!!!

Apparently, my comment was a big hit! I was contacted and asked if I wanted to do a giveaway. Well YEAH!! Of course I do!!

Here it is, gals.

Number 1 – Shunga exotic massage oil ($14.99)

Number 2 - $50 Eden Fantasys gift certificate

$64.99 VALUE!!!!

I wanted to wait until the day after Valentines just in case your sweet Valentine didn’t get you EXACTLY (a lovely sensual gift) what you wanted. I also wanted to do a gift certificate so YOU could pick out exactly what YOU want!

Here are the rules, given by me, for me you!

1. Visit Eden Fantasys. For those of you who blog with little ones looking over your shoulder…DON’T click on the link until they are elsewhere unless you want to answer lots of questions!! :)

2. Leave a comment telling me your favorite product.

3. You get a BONUS point if you tell me why you like the product (again, I’m no prude!). By no means is this part necessary – that’s why it says BONUS!!! Now, I’m not trying to discourage readers, but if this isn’t your THANG, perhaps you should skip reading these comments!

4. I won’t make you post about it because that gets annoying, but if you comment and tell me you WOULD post if I made you, I’ll give you credit and another BONUS point!

The winner will be picked by ME and PUMPKIN!

Have FUN!

**UPDATE** - Head over to Brandy's blog for ANOTHER Eden Fantasy's giveaway!


  1. WOW!!! I just spent a 1/2 hour looking at everything they have, so many choices, so hard to decide what's my favorite.

    I like:

    Smokey the Elephant

    Secret Agent Game

    But I think my absolute favorite at the moment is the Slap and Tickle kit. That looks like it would be a lot of fun!!!

  2. I can't believe that I'm going to enter this contest. See, I am a prude. But today (Valentine's Day) I gave my husband the gift of 365 days of intimacy. And I'm going to need some here I am timidly raising my hand saying "Pick Me!"

    After blushing my way through Eden Fantasys website (which I spent a really, really long time on), I can't decide between a costume like the sexy policewoman or the striptease kit or one of the Dr. Berman videos or the Luxury Pleasure Balm.

    Any of the above would help with my "gift" to DH. Heck, just looking at the website is making me think about waking up DH right now for you know what (see I am a prude!).

    Because of the "gift" I promised my DH, I would write about this if you asked me to. I'd just need to warn my parents first.

    Am I really going to post this comment?!?!?!?! I'm wavering...hit the button or delete? All goes...

  3. Hi ur blog & ur family is gorgeous! Found u thru Veronica OF MICE AND raMEN (she's a sweetie). Have posted a new giveaway at Paula's Beauty Spot!

    my main blog is

    pls call by sometime. am following u, so i'll be back! ciao from aussie, mompaulak xoxo

  4. I like the Body frosting gift crate. WHat more can you want? Chocolate, art and sex.

  5. Y'all are a bunch of PERVERTS!!!!!! Lol. I actually have tried a few toys but the one I alwas go back to uses 2 C batteries! It's my favorite.

  6. i couldn't even pick if i tried...there are just way too many options. does it count that i browsed?

  7. Right on! I was pretty excited about that giveaway on SITS too. How fun is this?!?

    Ok, my choice would be the Sex Casino love game. #1, my hubby and I love Vegas and #2, who couldn't use a little help spicing things up?

  8. After being in a full leg cast for over a month, I would be thrilled with pretty much any of the womanly toys (my husband is actually grossed out by the feel of my cast, so needless to say, even if we could find a way, we won't). And I would totally blog about it - if I had a site not read solely by my mother in law.

    Love your site and will be following from now on.

  9. You want me to write for the entire world to see, what sex toys I want??? Okay, okay, let's just say that I haven't had "real" sex in over 3 years so I would get something for the solo performer. The $50 gift certificate would help nicely with that!

  10. Honestly I already have lots of toys, lubes and all kinds of creams, etc. so I would probably pick a piece of lingerie. It would be nice to get something new to come to bed in. I realize it wouldn't stay on very long but thats okay!

    When does your contest end? I'd be happy to put a link on my giveaway post. Obviously anyone that would enter MY giveaway would enter yours too!

  11. I would like to try the liberator shapes or the over the swing.

  12. I would chose those items because some day I would like to have the big "O"

  13. My jaw is hanging open, but I'm also feelin' a little frisky! Some of those things looked scary to me.

    I would pick honey dust. I've wanted to try it ever since they talked about it on the TV show NCIS!

  14. After looking around a bit, I am thinking I would pick the Bag of Love. The main reason is that my poor hubby has been doing without for several months. I've had all sorts of problems that prevented it, and this all led to a necessary hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. So it's still going to be a few more weeks before we're "allowed," and it would be wonderful to make it a fun, memorable time since it's been soooooo long!

    And yes, I would post if you "made" me! lol

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I love the Dirty Cop costume! I just love dressing up and I don't have this outfit. Looks like I need it!! :)

  16. OOOO - Have spent too much time browsing - lols. Top two for me would be the Orgasmic Foreplay Kit and a pair of those Jaguar Cuffs.

    #1 - just looks like one rocking fun time, esp. from the reviews.

    #2 - Who doesn't love to take control now and then?

  17. I guess I am a prude b/c some of those things even without the kids in the room I was like *gulp...what on earth is that?* After furiously searching for something (quickly) that I found acceptable I found the cute fishnet dress with rhinestone detail. I could see me rocking this thing on a Tuesday night....I hope I win!

    My best, Lynn

  18. I like the dress b/c it's neither elegant or understated :oP. But I know that its something that could still be on my husbands mind come Monday morning in the office! Oh did I say I hope I win already?

    My best, Lynn

  19. I never post about anything contest like on my site just because I try and stay on topic as much I can on it. My girlfriends though, I tell by mouth when I see them to check this or that out online. I wouldn't post, but I would still spread the word if you asked us to. I think that deserves a bonus just for the sheer fact of my honesty, no? :o) Come on....yeah? I REALLY hope I win. If not, I'm a still gonna buy it cause it's only 16 bucks!

    My best, Lynn

  20. There's so much to choose from! I think I'd have to splurge on something for myself... I might go for the Nea even though it's more than $50... I get Thursdays to myself and like to... relax a little. Either that or I'd go for the Angelic Gown (hubby likes long & silky) and some comfortable ties/handcuffs to fulfill both of our fantasies.

    I would totally post the contest on my blog, but not what I wanted or why! I think that might be TMI for some of my family members!


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