Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Heart is Broken

At Drunco, I mean Bunco, Thursday, one our bunco gals looked up at those of us at the table and said, "I'm dying."

Let's give a little background.

She had cancer several years ago and had heavy duty chemo/radiation. She was cancer free and then started having problems with her heart. Now, due to the chemo/radiation, she has congestive heart failure.

She went to the doctor last week and they told her the cancer is back - everywhere. And they can't do any treatments because of her heart.

She's dying.

She sobbed. We sobbed. I came home and sobbed and cussed (I'm a professional cusser, so I did a fine job). My heart is broken.

She has two boys - 3 & 1/2 - who won't remember her. She said to us, "Will you make sure my boys know I was cool?"

It's not fair.

She's a wonderful mother, a great friend, an Auburn tiger (but I can forgive her for that) and a fabulous wife.

She's dying.

My heart is broken for Leah.

My heart is broken for sweet Abby Riggs and the pain she deals with daily because of the chemo she has to endure.

My heart is broken for Lisa who is going through HELL when all she wanted was to adopt a baby.

My heart is broken for Cynthiaa who lost her sweet Bug.

My heart is broken for adorable Cody and his family who are now trying to make a lifetime of memories in the short time he has left.

My heart is broken for precious Tuesday and Cora Paige who are now angels.

The list could go on.

But I have faith and know that no matter how bad things are and how much we DON'T understand, there IS a bigger plan. That is what gives me the strength to continue praying for those I've mentioned and all the other stories.

So - my Saturday blogs are going to be a tribute to Leah and to anyone YOU want to remember, pay tribute to, talk about, introduce us to, whatever. Therapy of sorts.

This, my bloggy friends, is Leah in a pic from Halloween bunco. Leah was Sarah Palin and had the full ensemble of props - her campaign sign, her baby and a gun for the NRA.

Now it's your turn. Introduce us to anyone YOU want us to meet. Just leave the link to your post in Mr. Linky.


  1. I love this idea. Thanks for hosting this - your post made me want to write about my best friends.

  2. Oh...I'm so sorry about your friend. I, too, have two young boys and can't even imagine what's she's feeling. You are a good and supportive friend for sure...

  3. My heart is broken for Leah now too. It IS so unfair!!! I was already heartbroken for Cynthiaa.

    Life is precious....which is why I finally decided to quit smoking.

  4. That brought a tear to my eye :(

  5. That is so terribly sad. I wish I knew what else to say.


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