Saturday, February 7, 2009

Six Word Saturday

You have to go pee AGAIN?

Baby chicklet has the smallest bladder on the PLANET, perhaps even the universe. God said let there be a teeny tiny bladder, and there WAS - in KK! In the hour we were at the male chicks basketball game, she had to pee THREE times!!!

We've had her all checked out & she's fine. She just pees A LOT!!! Needless to say, I've missed big plays, important parts of movies and maybe even the second coming because of our numerous visits to the pot-tay!

But, darn, she's SO cute!!


  1. I was just about to ask where the six words were but then realized the first sentence was 6 words. Wow, it's been quite the day.

    Have you gone on any road trips with KK? My sister's got the smallest bladder too and road trips were torture with her!

  2. Look at those beautiful brown eyes! She's just too darn cute! Small bladder and ALL!

  3. I'm embarrassed (not really, because not much embarrassed me) to say that Pumpkin makes that sweet baby wear PULL UPS on road trips because we would have to stop too much!!! However, the last two times we've done it, she's said she's a big girl and won't pee pee in a diaper. So - looks like this year's 6 hour trip to the beach is gonna take about 8! :)

  4. Hi there!! Ca-Yute family!! You know...with kids that age...if it wasn't pee-in, it would be something else helpin you miss movies, plays, and's probably her body's cute little way of helping you to not forget about her, to stop and remember the little moments...!!!

  5. She IS cute! I'd have to forgive the peeing, I suppose. In fact, I've resigned myself to the fact that any child of mine will have to pee every 30 minutes, just like their mama. And of course, they won't be in sync with my own bladder, so if I have a kid, I'm totally going to spend the rest of my life making trips to the bathroom every 15 minutes for me or munchkin.

    Probably more than you ever needed me to share on my first visit to your blog. My judgment is impaired because I haven't had coffee yet, sorry.

    Thanks for playing Six Word Saturday!

  6. What a cutie! On the flip-side my youngest has accidents in his underwear several times a day...he never tells me when he has to go!


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