Monday, February 2, 2009

Kickin' Myself

DUH! I didn't take ANY pictures from our Super Bowl "gathering"!! I can't believe it! I'm a picture taking fool and missed a great opportunity for pics of our friends. MAN!

There was a role reversal of sorts last night. For the most part the WOMEN were in the living room on the sofas in front of the tv while the MEN huddled around the counter in the kitchen! It was too funny. Although I will say the men were likely giving up the couch seats for the preggers in the group! Such gentlemen!

Two of the families have kids Kaley's age - Claire is 2 weeks older than baby chicklet & Mia is two weeks younger. Those girls PLAYED, PLAYED, PLAYED!! And since baby chicklet likes nothing better than having friends over, she was in hog heaven!

Great food, great company, great game, great commercials!

Since there is something wrong with my chemical makeup, and I enjoy seeing people do stupid things, I loved the Doritos commercial where everything goes right while he's eating and then when he's finished, he gets hit by the bus. Cracked me up!! See - told you there was something wrong with me! :) Anybody else have a favorite?

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  1. that is so funny because one of my favorite things about blogging is it motivates me to remember to take pics! it also motivates me to keep myself made up just in case.. HAH.

    and I liked that commercial too, lol


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