Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love me some Rosemary

Rosemary BEACH, that is! Home to the yearly tennis extravaganza!

Each year a large group of my wonderful group of girl friends trudge through the mundane, brutal winter, longingly waiting for the 5 exquisite days we leave our families to go and play tennis (drink), play more tennis (drink) and play MORE tennis (DRINK!) The first year we came - they ran out of beer!! Can you believe it?! However, since then, the pros at the Rosemary Beach Racquet Club have learned (the hard way) that when it comes to beer consuption, we are a force to be reckoned with!

We are in day two and are having a blast. Before we left, we called the weather goddess and told her she need not have a tizzy like she did last year and give us rain. We expected 70 degree weather or we'd have to go postal on her!!! Evidently, the thought of that was more than her little heart could bear and 70 degree weather it WAS!!!!

Here's a quick little pic of me & 'Pologetic Panther at dinner tonight. Certainly not the best in the world from my camera phone, but it'll do!

MANY more pics to come. I just don't want y'all to get TOO excited!


  1. I'll be stopping by to see those pics!

  2. I'm already overly excited by that one pic!

  3. I have never taken a trip with just chicks. I can't wait to see all the fun you're having!

  4. I hope you are having a great time! And be sure to drink more beer...:]

  5. Yummmm beer! and with girl friends. What could be better. Have fun!

  6. You know the weather goddess? What's more, you have her phone number? I am jealous. Please, please share. I need to call her asap and talk to her about the rain.



  7. That sounds like so much fun! Especially the beer part :D

  8. Uh, that sounds like way too much fun!!
    Im a bit jealous over here!! Cant wait to hear more!
    Have a wonderful time girl!!

  9. Hi Donnetta! I have an award for you. Grab it from my blog!


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