Friday, February 6, 2009

Movin’ on up

So I’m getting closer to the top in the design queue for my new blog. And, guess what?! I STILL haven’t decided on a design kit! There are so many great designs to chose from!!

If you get a chance, I’d LOVE some input on what you think.

These are the two that I like the most.

Polka Dot Bikini – 3rd from the bottom

Oh Happy Day – about in the middle


On another note, you HAVE to go to Veronica Lee’s blog and check out today’s post. It’s restroom pictures from around the world, and they are hysterical!

TGIF and thanks in advance to all my SITSAs popping by! I’m LOVIN’ the comment LOVE!


  1. my favorite is the polka dot bikini, love it! i cannot wait to check out those pictures...i bet they are hysterical!

    just stopping by from SITS to wish you a warm welcome :)

  2. Hmm...I think I like the happy day one. It's hard to pick.
    Welcome to the SITS community :)

  3. I like the polka dot bikini too! They are both really great though.
    I recently had my blog design completed. It was SO much fun!

    Another Welcome Wagon SITSta coming through to Welcome You!

  4. They are both cute...I do like the polka dot bikini one a wee bit more....

    I'm ready to update too...thanks for the linky to your blog designer:)

  5. I think I like the polka dot bikini is a tough choice though! - April K

  6. Both very cute designs, but I like polka dot bikini - and I love the name in addition to the design.

    Welcome to SITS! I hope you enjoy the community.

  7. polka dot!!
    dropping in to say welcome to SITS

  8. I like the polka dot bikini too. I think it's very cute. I wonder how they design those backgrounds.

  9. Well I can see why you're in a quandry. Tough choices. They're both so cute!

    Dropping by to welcome you to SITS! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

  10. Oh Happy Day is my favorite...

    Another welcomista welcoming you to SITS!!!

  11. Ohhh...both designs are really cute. I think I might be leaning towards Oh, Happy Day. Good luck on your tough decision!

  12. They're both so lovely!! Tough choice, huh?!!
    Thanks again for the mention.

  13. Hey, I'm stopping through from MyRamblingThoughts...but I'm also a SITS commenter. :) The pics of your children are adorable, and your comments about them so sweet. Happy weekend!

  14. They're both so cute! I like the happy days one cuz there's ORANGE in it, but I think the polka dot one is cuter!


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