Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome to "Not Me!" Monday. This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head on over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It was NOT me who was running late, and after NOT listening to baby chicklet whine for a cookie, told her to eat the one in her car seat. I also did NOT argue with the sweet princess over the time it was in the car and then lie and tell her it was perfectly fine to eat all the while knowing it had been there two days. AND I did NOT secretly find great humor in the "wool over the eyes" when she announced it was yummy!

In my head I was NOT thinking “here we go again” after the male chicklet

twisted his ankle during his basketball game. I was a caring, patient, doting mother who, while holding an ice pack on his leg, was NOT thinking of the ridiculously LOUD noises he makes while hopping around rather than using crutches. (Can you tell we’ve been here before?!)

I’m NOT at all anal about the picture sizes & spacing in my blog posts. I have NEVER spent one hour revising it. That would just be a little OCD, and I’m gonna leave that to Pumpkin.

After watching our neighbor’s 2 year old, precious little B, scratch her booty and hearing her mommy, extremely sweet, very pregnant, disgustingly beautiful Kate, tell me of poor B's butt issues (itchy, scratchy, eczema looking), I did NOT tell precious little B to pull down her pants so I could see. Since we were sitting outside on the sidewalk, I most certainly did NOT then yell at baby chicklet to come and let ESVPDB Kate see HER butt. We did NOT then stand them side by side in the STREET to compare their little hineys. And by NO means would both children do so without a second thought. These types of thing are totally NOT the norm around here!

I did NOT force persuade KK to wear this adorable outfit

because I had worked COUNTLESS hours on it and wanted to selfishly enjoy the fruits of my labor show everyone how adorable she is. I did NOT tell her the cheerleaders would put her up in a stunt if she wore it so everyone could see her how even her hiney showed school spirit!

And I did NOT tell her that Westie (the mascot) would come and give her a special high five and tell her how her outfit was the cutest outfit EVER and was way better than some bland 'ole cheerleading uniform.

I did NOT hunt down Brittney & Westie

once we finally got there to beg them to be my partners in crime do me a small favor.

I did NOT tell my eldest chicklet if she didn’t put KK up in stunt I would not revise her English paper and make her have to go to the DREADED Dr. Kohn (evil, pure evil)! When she vehemently protested politely declined and said they may not have time, I did NOT tell her she was the captain, to pull rank and MAKE IT HAPPEN. NOR did I hunt down Westie when we got there and BEG to him help a momma out! Bribery and extortion are so NOT my thing!

I have NOT been a busy girl!


  1. This is great! Playing Not Me Monday hurts my head - but I love reading along.

    And don't worry, I haven't done that two-day cookie in the car seat thing. Ever.

    Welcome to SiTS! Em

  2. KK's outfit is adorable!! Great 'Not Me Monday' post!

  3. Way to go on that outfit! Love it!
    Wish I had the gift of sewing. Maybe one day.

  4. Great list! I love the outfit and the nekked cute!

    Happy Not Me Monday!

  5. Really cute list and that cracked me up about the cookie!

  6. You're so funny!! I love all your chicklets!!

  7. Oh you crack me up! Bare butts in public? Of course you would never do anything like that! But the thought of it makes me giggle.

  8. That cookie thing is so funny! Lol!!!!

    And that outfit you made is adorable!!

  9. I did NOT crack up while reading your post:) (ok..I lied...I really did...especially over the little butt story...)

  10. LMAO!!!!
    I am the exact same way about my pictures...but does that really surprise you since we are so alike anyway?!?
    The outfit is adorable!! I love it...and I checked out your slideshow...gorgeous family Moma!!!!!!
    And in my house, the boy is the one that gets injured ALL the time too...grrrr!

  11. Wow, your life sounds a lot like mine! We have been busy with Basketball, cheerleading, and painful bottoms!

    You have a beautiful family! Thank you for your comments yesterday! I am praying for you today!

  12. Too funny! I don't even want to think about how many things "I didn't do". Welcome to SITS :)

  13. Great job on the overalls ... I wish I would have learned to sew, when my mom was showing me ... I was too stubborn of a teenager to see why I would ever need to know how to!


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